5 Reasons for Online Businesses to Seriously Consider Google’s Domain Service

5 Reasons for Online Businesses to Seriously Consider Google’s Domain Service

Seriously Consider Google’s Domain ServiceIn late June 2014, Google announced plans to launch its own domain registration service for business web sites, offering a competitive option against the likes of GoDaddy and Wix.com.

While this hasn’t fully come to fruition and is still in the development process, it’s news worth keeping up to date on, as this service could be very beneficial to online businesses. Here’s why:

1.  Price

When announced, Google listed the price for its web site registration at a budget-friendly US$12.00 per year. This is a very competitive price when compared with other domain registration sites; some online businesses may even be able to save some money by switching to Google’s domain service.

2.  Transferability

If you’re familiar with creating content online and using meta tags, you know that it can be a very cumbersome task. However, Google’s new domain registration service is offering transferable media, allowing you to easily move your meta data from your current provider to Google’s interface, stress-free.

3.  Connections

This new service will work in tandem with Google Panda, which monitors business web sites so that they operate legitimately. The new Google domain registration will solicit feedback from certain registrants and keep users updated on developments in the service as it potentially develops into an invaluable part of today’s online business.

4.  Perks

Google claims its domains will also offer registrants extra services that they might not get elsewhere, such as domain forwarding and the ability to choose up to one hundred domain addresses. And there may be further benefits announced in the future—another reason to keep tabs on the service’s development.

5.  Quality

The critics of Google’s new domain service argue that it’s just another way for Google to force out competition by offering users an additional service. While this may turn you off from the service, know that with the amount of information Google provides and their solid regulations on everything from keyword density to PPC, you could be doing a disservice to your online business by not using Google’s new domain service.

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