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5 Leading SEO Trends to Keep Up With in 2018

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Throughout the years, pioneering SEO firms have managed to forge the pathway for various SEO trends and techniques to develop and prosper. And while some SEO practices have certainly proven to be more effective and endured longer than others, it’s worth examining the potential they hold for future success. Here are 5 of the leading strategies you should add to your 2018 SEO checklist.

1. Voice Search Technology

There’s no doubt that voice search technology is already one of the most popular SEO trends and techniques used by web site developers in order to exponentially enhance user experience. Voice search makes it a lot easier and more convenient for visitors to your web site and potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, which is especially handy for on-the-go mobile users. Optimizing the voice search feature on your web site and making it available across all technological platforms including mobile, desktop, tablet, and even on various consoles will give your web site the edge it needs to gain more successful and meaningful leads organically. In the coming year, this is something that’ll continue to gain momentum as every major SEO firm adds it to their clients’ web sites, if they haven’t already. All of the best SEO companies have already figured out that using voice search also helps to increase traffic to their clients’ web sites. When search engines detect that a web site is optimized for voice searches, this increases the changes that they’ll also get top ranking and more evocative snippets on SERPs (more about this later).

2. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google AMP is designed to work in tandem with web sites of all sizes and capacities to make them more compliable with mobile devices. With this development, web sites are enabled to load faster on mobile devices and they can hold more informative and valuable content that’s designed to optimize the overall user experience, diminish aggravation caused by slow loading pages or pages that fail to load. This in turn deters users from prematurely leaving web sites, which also keeps bounce rates in check. All Google search results are directly linked to AMP, making it one of the most important SEO trends of 2018 that experts should utilize and master. To give a frame of reference, AMP pages can load in as little as 0.7 seconds compared to the regular 22 seconds during which most users get irritated and jump ship.

3. Content Aggregation

Content aggregation is a highly effective SEO strategy that entails collecting content from a large variety of external sources and posting it onto one convenient web site for users to frequent. Contrary to what you might assume, this doesn’t qualify as copyright infringement or plagiarism because all of the original sources are always cited and in agreement with their content being posted on partner web sites or other pages. In fact, the original sources usually revel in the notion of having their content duplicated, with their permission of course, because it opens them up to entirely new and untapped markets they might have otherwise neglected or failed to reach on their own. Keep an eye out because this is one SEO trend that’ll only increase in popularity in the coming year.


HTTPS is a far superior web browser protocol than its predecessor, HTTP, because it encrypts and filters all communications between the web site you’re on and your web browser. As a result, Google has made it so that web sites with HTTPS encryption rank much higher than those without it in order to prevent and reduce the risk of viruses spreading and being contracted from unsecured networks. Just be mindful of the fact that switching from HTTP to HTTPS makes referral web sites almost obsolete or ineffectual by blocking them from sending users to other destinations. In order to comply with this SEO practice and retain your referral data, you must back up and restore your HTTP data from HTTPS and make sure your referral data is successfully passed along from the former to the latter during the transition.

5. Incorporating More Meaningful Snippets

Incorporating more meaningful and rich snippets is an excellent way to improve upon your SEO strategies and checklist for 2018. It means that your content should directly reflect exactly what your core customer base and projected site visitors are searching for and deliver that information in spades. As long as you provide clear, concise, and easily accessible answers to even the most complex search queries, you’ll continue to increase your chances of getting more hits and ranking well on SERPs. Your content needs to be more easily accessible to both human users and search engine algorithms that are being employed to find it. Nowadays, people want quick and easy to understand answers to their queries. They want to be able to simply type, key in, or verbally ask a question to a search engine and be presented with an instantaneous, comprehensible, and satisfactory answer. And that’s exactly what featured, detailed, and rich snippets of content bring to the table.
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