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SEO for Window and Door Contractors

As a windows and doors contractor, your expertise has to do with, well, windows and doors. The core of your business is centered on installation, maintenance, repair, managing inventory, stocking up on necessary materials, and rounding up as many loyal customers as possible. Whether you’re content with remaining in a localized niche market or want to focus on expansion, a comprehensive local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help you achieve your business goals.

The best way to test how well your current digital marketing campaigns are working is to simply search for “windows and doors installation” in any one of your service areas. If your business listing and website aren’t amongst the top ranking companies to show up on page one, then you’re missing out on some golden marketing and sales opportunities. At Numero Uno Web Solutions, we specialize in local SEO for window and door installation companies across Toronto and the GTA.

SEO for Window and Door Contractors

Why Is SEO Important for Window and Door Professionals?

SEO is a crucial component of every modern business’s digital marketing strategy, but it’s not everyone’s forte. Simply having a website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Your website needs to be well maintained and constantly updated with useful high-quality content in order to attract more traffic. Moreover, it takes a great deal of effort to increase conversion rates.

Working in the service industry means that prospective customers want evidence of the type of work you’re capable of producing. That means providing high-quality optimized images, product descriptions, instructional how-to videos, product demonstrations, as well as informative and timely content.

Positive customer reviews and ratings regarding your service quality and workmanship are also a big bonus. All of these components combined can help boost your online visibility and catapult your business into top-ranking page one positions.

And it all starts with hiring a reputable local SEO agency that provides top-notch web marketing services to help you get there. Numero Uno Web Solutions is that company.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Your Window and Door Installation Company?

When you work with a local SEO agency that truly understands the digital marketing and advertising needs of your business, there’s a certain kind of harmony involved. To the untrained eye, window and door installation, maintenance, and repair may seem pretty standard. But as an industry expert, you know better. Your website and any other type of content you put out there needs to showcase what makes your company stand out from your competitors. Here’s how a great SEO strategy from Numero Uno Web Solutions can help you do that.


You just have to worry about running your business and serving your customers. Let us handle the digital side of things. Our team will create interesting dynamic content, share social media posts, and manage your website for you.

Cost-Effective SEO Solutions

We’ll work within your advertising budget to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and an excellent ROI through high-quality content creation and proven white hat SEO strategies that work.

Increase Customer Outreach

An effective local SEO strategy can help you reach out to a much wider target audience base than you could have ever imagined. Greater visibility on search engines through backlinks on associate websites, targeted advertisements, and organic search are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a solid SEO strategy that’ll help get your brand name out there.

Create a More Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized content is a great way to appeal to a wider online target audience and build up long-term customer loyalty. It’s all about going that extra mile for your customers. Using our in-depth data tracking and analytics tools, we can create a more personalized experience for prospective and repeat customers. This information can be used to create a detailed customer database that essentially records past purchases, previously viewed items, specific search inquiries, payment and billing data, etc. to create a more personalized and simplified online ordering experience for your customers. Data gathered during these processes is kept strictly confidential and is only used to improve the customer experience through cross-selling and upselling initiatives.

How Numero Uno Web Solutions Can Help Boost Your SEO for Windows and Doors

At Numero Uno Web Solutions, we have a few industry-standard white hat tricks up our sleeves that can help take your SEO and digital marketing campaigns to the next level and stay a few steps ahead of your competition.

Optimizing Website Content

The first step is to perform a comprehensive website audit. Website audits typically include testing webpage loading speeds, finding technical errors, identifying irrelevant or outdated content, fact checking some content for accuracy, updating security standards, and creating checklist of all issues that need to be corrected.

Based on this information, we can then work on optimizing your website accordingly.

Choosing the Best Keywords for Your Business

Keyword selection is an important part of the website optimization process. Our team will research the top-ranking and most relevant keywords in your industry that pertain specifically to your business. You’ll then be given the opportunity to approve those keywords or make changes as you see fit.

Fixing Technical Errors on Your Website

Technical errors can slow down your website’s loading time and make it harder for search engines to crawl and index certain webpages. These include HTTP errors, missing ALT text on images, renewing expired domain names, removing duplicate content, shortening long metadata, and other analytical errors.

Conversion Optimizing

To guarantee maximum conversion rates on your website, you need to make your contact and order forms as easily accessible as possible. That means including a Contact Us link at top and bottom of your homepage, landing pages, service pages, and static pages. A well-written CTA at the bottom of every blog post and other types of content that provides a brief description of what your company does should also be included.

Optimizing Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing is the initial gateway into your website and brand story. We can optimize your GMB profile for you by including relevant categories, service areas, a brief business description, and managing your knowledge panel. Adding a direct link to your website, a call button, hours of operation, images, and social media posts that are directly linked to your social profiles also encourages users to get in touch with your business and improves your chances of ranking well. The more information you can divulge about your business on numerous online platforms, the better your visibility will be.

And it all starts with hiring a reputable local SEO agency that provides top-notch web marketing services to help you get there. Numero Uno Web Solutions is that company.