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SEO for Fence Builders

The fencing industry can get pretty competitive during the peak season, which is usually in the spring and summer months in Ontario. Unlike other international industries, the competition for fencing businesses is local. As a result, fencing business owners need to take into consideration key local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that they’re staying ahead of the competition in online rankings.

If you happen to own a fencing business and have noticed that you’re not getting as much website traffic or traction as your competitors, then it may be time to rethink your entire digital marketing strategy.

Numero Uno Web Solutions offers in-depth web marketing services that can supercharge your local business listing using a number of proven white hat SEO strategies.

SEO for Fence Builders

Why Does Your Fencing Business Need a Good Local SEO Strategy?

Before we get into how we can help you build up a strong online presence, it’s important to understand how search engine optimization for fence builders can make a meaningful impact on your business. SEO is the process of implementing key digital marketing elements that can help elevate your local business listing to the next level. It ensures that your business listing, website, and various webpages will be amongst the top-ranking hits to appear on page one of search engine results pages (SERPs) when potential customers search for specific keywords that pertain to your business and industry as a whole.

With that in mind, here are a few important questions you need to ask if you find that your current SEO strategy and digital marketing campaign isn’t yielding the results you want.

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How Are People Finding Your Fencing Business?

This particular question is imperative because it forces you to think like one of your potential customers. As a modern-day property owner who needs fence installation, maintenance, or repair services, how would you go about trying to find a qualified, reputable, and local fencing company? The first thing you would do is probably ask people for recommendations. The second thing you would do is conduct an online search.

Search engines can match users to businesses based on their current locations and online ratings. Google uses specific algorithms to try to understand search intent and provide localized responses based on the keywords that are used. Research which keywords are currently trending in the fencing industry and seamlessly incorporate the ones that are most relevant to your business into your content.

At Numero Uno Web Solutions, we can perform in-depth local keyword research based on your specific target locations and create content that focuses on highlighting those keywords to boost your rankings. Local SEO increases your chances of being found on more platforms including Google Maps, which is important because people want to know how far you’re willing to travel to perform fencing services.

Does Your Website Need Some Work?

If your website isn’t ranking well on various search engines, chances are it’s because your website is unresponsive and that it isn’t structured properly. When users search for certain keywords, search engines like Google crawl through thousands of websites across the Internet that contain those keywords in a matter of seconds. Crawling is essentially the equivalent of skimming. A poorly structured website that’s unresponsive is a lot harder to crawl through and this could seriously hurt your rankability. If the search engine is having a hard time finding relevant content on your website, then just imagine what the user experience will be like.

A well-structured and responsive website should consist of high-quality content that’s designed in such a way that focuses on seamless navigation and a good user experience. Structure your content in a simplistic manner, so that search engines can pick up snippets of content that can be used to answer user queries. Featured snippets from your content should provide clear and concise answers to common questions. They typically appear near the top of SERPs under the paid advertisements.

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Do You Have a Strong Online Presence and Visibility?

As a busy business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend online building up a network of prospective customers. That’s where outsourcing SEO for fence builders in Canada can come in handy.

At Numero Uno Web Solutions, our team of expert web designers, digital marketers, and content creators can help you build up and maintain a strong online presence using various channels across the Internet. From paid advertisements to increasing organic traffic, we have a few tried and true SEO tricks up our sleeve that are guaranteed to increase your visibility and return on investment significantly.

Are You on Social Media?

When it comes to building up your brand’s online presence, there’s no better method than using social media. If you’re not already showcasing the quality of your work on social media, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential exposure for your fencing business. A good SEO strategy for fence builders should include a strong social media presence. Whether you invest in paid social media advertisements or simply share your posts on your business page and across a variety of platforms, social media guarantees that more people will see your work.

Making your posts shareable further opens them up to the public. Plus, you can respond directly to inquiries in the comments section or you can ask people to private message you to get a quote or set up an appointment.

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Are You Using Backlinks and Citations?

Any business that provides a localized service such as fence installation, maintenance, and repair should always be using a variety of high-quality backlinks and citations. Backlinks and citations are essentially mentions of your business on other platforms, websites, or online directories that link back to your company’s website. The more backlinks and citations you have, the easier it is to build up a strong online presence and reputation as a trustworthy authority figure in your industry.

How a Great Local SEO Agency Can Help You Grow Your Fencing Business

Numero Uno Web Solutions is one of the leading local SEO agencies in North America. We have a strong reputation for helping countless businesses of all sizes build and manage their online presences by offering a variety of SEO services. From web design to web building, coding, content creation, mobile optimization, Google My Business account management, and more, we use results-driven SEO tactics to help you expand your online outreach for your fencing business. Contact us today to learn more!