Tightening it Up: Making Your Online Marketing Campaigns More Efficient

Tightening it Up: Making Your Online Marketing Campaigns More Efficient

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When things go wrong, we often don’t notice.

There’s no having a real eye for chaos. Workaholics do not see their marriages coming apart, alcoholic and drug-addicted rock stars often feel their excesses are simply part of their job, and stockbrokers are accustomed to risk-taking and only realize what mistakes they’ve made when the markets—plus a lot of uneducated, everyday client investments—go belly-up. Hindsight is 20-20, and we never see the problems until long after they’re over.

The same is true with online business. Things can go wrong as we work, and we often don’t notice. The Internet still isn’t a solid medium to do business on, and not everything is mapped out for proper use yet.

However, that’s no reason to let your online business practices come apart at the seams. It’s never hard to keep your online mechanisms working as tightly as possible. Often in online business, it’s the little things you do that improve your online business overall.

Particularly in search engine marketing, there are several ways to keep things together, with certain routines making your online business work better at all times. Sometimes you have to be ruthless, but this can help, too.

Making Adjustments

Taking full advantage of your online business practices needs to happen in order to begin the tightening process. It requires an eye for detail and some hard thinking, but once you’ve got those down, you’re off and running.

You can get the ball rolling with a hard analysis of your web site; it might not be up to snuff in terms of being a great online marketing tool, which it has to be in the end. Through web site marketing and inspecting your site with a cold, hard eye, you might find that there is extraneous content that can be removed, graphics you can tag with keywords for better search engine optimization (SEO) performance, and places where you can offer ads or promotions. All of this is worth the necessary extensive going-over of your entire web site.

Speaking of graphic material, you might be dabbling in certain highfalutin imagery, graphics, or video SEM (search engine marketing). You might be working this into the ground by doing all kinds of video SEO to improve your marketing performance online; if so, consider blackening your heart just a bit and abandoning it. It’s never pleasant to scrap material you worked hard on, but if it’s not working, you might be better off focusing your efforts on other materials.

Finally, there’s the matter of pay-per-click (PPC). With mechanisms like PPC ad optimization, you have to do a lot of work to make sure the right keywords are in place to make your PPC ads appear online and at the top of online searches. Devoting more time to this in order to get the right online performance, while simultaneously lowering your PPC costs, might be a good focus for your adjustments.


There’s one other way to tighten things up. It’s that old adage: if you want something done right, do it yourself. You might find yourself shelling out for all kinds of SEO assistance and search engine marketing services to better your performance online when you realize something: they aren’t doing squat and you might be better off abandoning these “pros” in favour of doing it yourself. If so, go for it: there’s a lot of search engine marketing information out there and, as an independent online pro, you have a forum to experiment in. With the right time and place, that’s an advantage worth taking.

When tightening your online business up, it’s about trial, a bit of error, and a lot of learning. Never be afraid to do these, especially the latter—the more you learn, the better you can tighten your business.

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