The Reading List for Success: What Information Digital Business Pros Need on Their Bookshelves or eBook Screens

The Reading List for Success: What Information Digital Business Pros Need on Their Bookshelves or eBook Screens

Digital Business Pros Need on Their BookshelvesWords of Power

In the era of digital 3D movies, electronic music, and mobile technology, terms like “book” and “reading” are bound to trigger at least a groan or two. That or some folks might make the outright declaration that reading is dead. “It’s all on video, haven’t you heard,” some might say with a grin?

Many people have terrible memories from high school English class, committing Burns’ poems to memory, or trying to unpack Shakespeare and Fitzgerald’s subtexts. But, that was school and if you’ve been lucky, you’ve never had to darken the door of a literature class since then. Moreover, you’ve found some pleasure in reading things you enjoy, either for work or for home, be it oral histories of athletes or Borges’ collected fiction. Now reading is enjoyable…and there’s no final exam!

But, there is the matter of keeping informed for your business if you are a digital business pro. Like it or not, you have to keep reading to stay up on the trends of today and tomorrow. The world may be all digital, but you can bet your bottom dollar it isn’t static. Media is changing, and business people have to be aware of this in order to stay alive on the commercial landscape. Words have, if ever before, the power to assist business pros, and thus, one has to keep a reading list at hand related to digital business.

On the Desk or on the Nearest Shelf

Some reading material for digital business pros should be kept at arm’s length of where they work. When things get hairy during the day-to-day business battles, you need quick information to get you out of the pinch you are in. For digital business professionals, having your web site design information references to fix bad links or pages that don’t publish properly is essential. There should also be some digital marketing references nearby, as well. Anything to grab to help with PPC ad optimization when creating online ads is also crucial here, and references to your web site marketing plans or search engine marketing should be handy, too. Without question, you will need information on PPC, keywords, and creating ads online when you are actually doing it. Keep these references at hand at all times.

Besides helping you correct errors on the fly, these references also can generate new ideas on the spot. Reference material becomes more familiar to the eye and brain, the more you use it. Having it close by and referring to it regularly will keep your grey matter from “going grey,” while keeping a steady stream of mental stimulation going for your business.

Some Reading for the Café, Hard Cover or eBook Screen

Reading doesn’t have to be solely for the purposes of damage control. Getting into the habit of reading during your off hours, even if it’s just an article or two, can be leisurely and insightful for you. With so much reading material available these days for free, you don’t have to view reading as stressful at all.

Here, you should be aware of different reading media. As you’ve probably noticed, bookstores are becoming fewer in number, while eBooks and digital newsletters are becoming the new language phenomena. At this point, you should be using this stuff, and with good reason: it’s convenient. Subscribing to the top web site marketing newsletter to read articles about the newest video SEO or video SEM trends, and having it sent straight to your e-mail inbox, tablet, or eBook screen or phone will allow you keep up-to-date while you relax in the café or on the sofa. Once you have subscriptions to newsletters and publications related to your business, you stand to keep informed at a pace that is enjoyable for you.

Digital media has really come home to roost with humans. But, reading still has a very important place for people, especially for online business professionals. By adapting to the duality of reading to keep your business working strong while incorporating new media to access it, you can have reading lists at hand that fortify your business. Keeping up with words means making your business stronger every time.

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