The Daily List of Duties for Online Business Pros

The Daily List of Duties for Online Business Pros

Online Business ProsYou have to admire people with those great memories—the ability to remember exactly what they ate for breakfast or Cal Ripken’s batting average when he played for the Baltimore Orioles in 1989. Short-term or long, it’s a real gift to be able to recall the past. These folks can skim the surface of their brains or reach deep into their memory, pulling out stuff that you can never remember.

The rest of us have to use other external methods to get the grey matter moving again. The most popular technique seems to be the list; writing down something that you need to remember later. Everyday tasks, grocery items, and holiday gift ideas all wind up as lists in someone’s back pocket all the time, and they are invaluable tools to have.

Online business folks can benefit from a list, particularly for their daily duties. There are those jobs that must be done regularly that online business pros forget or neglect over time, and this can cause severe problems in their work. Keeping a list of daily routines is never foolish and helps you stay in line with what is expected to gain success online.

Once you’ve awoken, showered, had a cup of coffee and slice of fruit, you likely turn on your computer, either in office or at home, and begin work. That’s simple enough. But then you have to start going through the list of what needs to be done daily. A good place to start is checking the results of your PPC ad optimization from the day before. Remember, PPC stands for pay-per-click. You’ve likely been tweaking your PPC ad campaigns every day to make them better for each new campaign, and a morning check of them can show you what’s been happening. A lot can happen in 12 hours, so getting an update while you’ve been snoring is a good place to get grounded for the day ahead.

With that done, you should check all of your other ad campaigns and marketing launches. You might have put out a new blog posting and gotten some comments back with e-mails requesting more information about your ad. You might have been doing some video SEM (search engine marketing) or video SEO (search engine optimization) work from a newly produced video and need to get the feedback from it. You might have even set up some new links around the Net and want to check the analytics from their activity. In the end, you have to start your day going over your work and see what’s happened since you were last at work. This gives you a feel for what was accomplished and what needs to be done.

There are the obvious other duties: check your mail, check your e-mail, confer with colleagues, etc. Once that’s all done though, you need to get to work with the day’s duties, namely some search engine marketing tasks. Hitting the online interfaces to see what new opportunities are out there—social media sites, ideas for new ads, possible joint partners—is the daily research you have to do. Rightly or wrongly, the Internet changes like the wind, and you have to keep abreast of these changes. On a positive note, some of these changes are good and you can find a new process in your search engine marketing research that can benefit your business as a whole. Taking the time every day to do this keeps you ahead of your game and on top of your success without breaking your stride.

We have the shopping list for food and the bucket list for the things we want to do before we see the Pearly Gates. And in web marketing, we have the lists of daily routines that keep us rolling along on the trajectory we like best: towards continual success for the future. If we complete the necessary tasks every day, we can stay on this path without faltering.

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