The Bold and Beautiful in Web Site Marketing

The Bold and Beautiful in Web Site Marketing

Web Site MarketingLooking at the history of design, you can see a real mix of marketing strategy and artistic merit. Cartoonists doing cute mascots for post-war household products have now become sought after as real pros of their field. Album covers and book dust jackets, once thought to be cesspool of silly, disposable drawings of popular culture, are featured in museums today and command a high price at auction.

When the Internet came into being, a whole new school of design arose. Web sites and web-site design became the new medium for the creatively talented to create on. Everything from 3D graphics to video streaming to interactive media was part of their palates, and many strove to push the limits of web-site design to see what could be graphically accomplished.

But as we’ve come to see today, web sites are not just the gallery pieces of the future. They are vehicles for businesses to gain clients, interest and professional connections between computer screens. While web sites are stunning to view, they serve a purpose to ensure that a business can get the right exposure to the public for its long-term prosperity. They function like a combo of old-school print advertising, attractive artwork creations and a digital store front.

This duality of creative interest and business necessity is what makes web site marketing and Web marketing in general both challenging and fun for today’s business professionals. While everyone loves creativity, few see how it can be married with today’s business practices to generate bountiful success. Most business folks are good with dollars, and most creative types are good with art supplies, but in this case, knowing just a bit about both helps you create a web site that is great looking and good for business simultaneously. You don’t have to be an expert on both, but it’s good to know the combo.

Now that the Internet is a bit better understood, business pros have to be sure that their web sites are constructed and maintained properly in order to have them contribute to the success of their businesses. In Web marketing, your web site must be calibrated under certain requirements of search engine marketing. Before, people just made a web site, put it online and waited for clients to check it out. This throwing-caution-to-the-wind attitude sometimes worked, but these days, it’s not worthwhile to have if you are serious about Internet business potential. Having even a basic understanding of search engine marketing and pinpointing exactly what sort of clients you need for your business is the foundation of Web marketing as well. If you are going to have a web site, knowing what it needs to have to be properly seen online is absolutely necessary.

This inevitably leads to the principles of search marketing. Having a web site means that you want people to not only see you online, but also find you when they go looking for products or services related to your business. Search marketing and understanding it means that you know how to create a web site that will be seen by the public when they punch those words into their Internet search engines and hit ENTER. You have to design your web site so that it will appear in searches. You have to make sure that you have the right keywords or keyword phrases. You have to make sure your videos are tagged with labels that will appear in search marketing. You have to update your content with fresh keywords and phrases once in a while to ensure that your position in search marketing remains high or gets higher.

You might think “This stinks. I thought I could just do a web site. Now I don’t think I can do anything.” Don’t worry. Most people can’t by themselves. What you have to turn to is a web-site-marketing firm with a specialization in search-engine-optimization services. These designers know about creating great-looking web sites with all the fantastic accoutrements—videos, graphics pop-ups, etc.—but with the knowledge of the specs needed to actually make it work professionally online—SEO, content architecture, etc. There are a lot of web-site designers out there who say they know everything about web site marketing, but be sure to test them out. Only the really good ones can combine beauty with brawn and deliver the best-looking web site for you that can really bring the clients in.

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