Taking Chances and Experimenting in Online Marketing

Taking Chances and Experimenting in Online Marketing

Taking Chances and Experimenting in Online MarketingBack To the Drawing Board

Simply put, there are rules in life that we have to follow. Speed limits and the laws regarding theft and murder are there to protect us—and if we break them, we get punished.

But those are moral principles that we have to abide by. Lesser rules don’t have to always be followed, and there are often times where we have to disregard them and try something new.

Experimentation often breeds new ideas and activities. In online business, the need for experimentation is great, because it’s a medium that relies heavily on creativity. Online business pros can benefit from using their off hours to test ideas, play around with new mechanisms, and determine what is and isn’t successful.

The best area of online business to do this in is search engine marketing (SEM). You’re obviously already using SEM to gain new clients and do better business, but if you take the time to experiment even  a little, you’ll find that you can increase your success further. People like fresh ideas, so SEM experimentation can be the best area for you to test new ideas in.

Back to the Basics

You may be used to fooling around with design ideas or gimmicks to add to your web site, but the process of experimentation in SEM is a bit more galvanizing. You have to strip things down, go back to the basics, and then build on new ideas from there.

The back-to-basics element begins with focusing on your web site marketing techniques. This means removing any unneeded content. You might want to lower your PPC activity or reset it for a different time to see how the results differ. Also consider revisiting the SEO vs. SEM debate as it relates to your business. That means determining whether your existing SEM techniques are working well or if you should shift your focus to SEO material that optimizes content for better online performance. Your search engine marketing costs can get quite expensive, so stripping them down a bit and trying a “less is more” approach can yield better results.

However, after downsizing, you can begin to experiment with some wilder ideas—ones with a few more frills. If you’re creative, consider messing around with new web site marketing ads, or even some video SEM production. You could also revamp your web site with a new design or some more contemporary graphics. While these changes won’t guarantee instant success, they can generate interest in potential new clients over time.

Back to a Fair Trail

In fact, that’s the point of any sort of SEM or web site marketing experimentation; it’s not about instant success. Like novelists doing redrafts or inventors trashing a failed project, you have to be ready for a lot of trial and error.

Perhaps the best advice is to experiment when you can afford to do so. If your old ideas are still working, don’t feel that you need to meddle with them. However, take some time to go over your web site marketing setup with an open mind and note areas where changes can be made and how. Experimentation in online business can be fun and very successful as long as you are willing to put in the right amount of time under the right conditions.

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