Skills and Success: The Building Blocks of Online Marketing

Skills and Success: The Building Blocks of Online Marketing

Skills and SuccessLack of Structure

Today, everything has a format—or at least it seems that way. We now have film schools to teach people filming techniques, which were once learned on the fly by starving performers who wanted to keep their jobs. Getting the recipe for red Thai curry no longer requires a trip to Asia but just a few clicks on the Internet. You can even take classes on improving your memory and personality. Life seems to be laid out in front of us in the form of reference materials.

But then life doesn’t always work out the way it was laid out—in fact, it almost never does. Things change, and not everything has been worked out into a teachable technical skill. There’s still a lot of learning to be done on the fly.

And this is exactly what digital marketing is like. While you may see a ton of books on digital marketing in the library and even more pages online, it’s not so well understood as some might thing. Digital marketing’s lack of formal and comprehensive structure has yet to be properly defined.

Oddly, as someone working in online business, you can use this to your advantage. Online business pros have the unique position of working in a medium that can lead to success through some interesting avenues. By chipping away at it, you can see why digital marketing’s lack of defined structure can be beneficial. In short, you can learn as you go.

Laying the Foundation

When starting out in digital marketing, you probably do what most others do: build a web site, use some social media, start a blog, put up some ads and promotions, and so on. Great; this is the foundation of establishing your business online and attracting clients.

From there comes the period of experimentation. Each business functions differently online, and you have to allow yourself the time to see which avenues to success are best for your business. Some thinking beforehand is involved here.

Right off the bat, test out your web marketing material. Your banner ads, pop-ups, and landing pages will likely have all been optimized with keywords to get attention from search engines and prospective online clients. Following the analytics or even just seeing the results of a 24-hour posting will give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t. If you are feeling creative and you can up your investment in your web marketing material, planning a multi-media campaign is a good option. Getting a video produced is possible here, provided you still optimize it according to video SEO (search engine optimization) principles (i.e. tagging it with keywords, et cetera). Again, check out the results and decide where to go from there.

Building Up to Success

Web marketing’s main purpose is two-fold; you want to first achieve success online, and then you want to sustain it. A lot of online business pros understand the first part, but they forget the second. You really have to be looking to the future when working in online marketing—and all the time, at that.

Once you start to score with online marketing, consider taking some of your earnings and putting them toward building up your campaigns on the Internet. Going the route of pay-per-click (PPC) or PPC ad optimization might be necessary here. If you start to falter a bit, getting help from a search engine marketing service might improve matters. Even subscribing to digital web marketing periodicals can offer the smallest advice that ends up helping you achieve online success over the long run.

Ultimately, you are building the structure of your business online. You start small, build the structure, then work to sustain yourself. It’s the building blocks for today’s digital business success. If you diligently work at it, you can get the long-term results you want.

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