Multimedia Worlds—Using Today’s Technology for Business Purposes

Multimedia Worlds—Using Today’s Technology for Business Purposes

Multimedia Worlds—Using Today’s TechnologyMoving into Another World

So…business is good: You’ve got your ads online. You’re working with pay-per-click (PPC) and web site marketing. Your web site has your products’ listings, and people can order right online. Everything’s going fine.

Time to make a video.

You might think, “What? Why bother?”

A lot of people think multimedia for business purposes is a waste of time. Sure, it looks great and has all sorts of otherworldly imagery that is definitive of modern times. But it can be time-consuming to produce and can lead to nothing, professionally speaking. Multimedia, specifically online videos, web casts, and three-dimensional (3D) graphic ads, only seem to be for the très élite of the multimedia world. Business pros often opt out.

There is good reasoning here, but you need to be aware that multimedia must be understood correctly if it is going to have any benefit for your business. Knowing how to use multimedia properly is the key to its potential. And having the potential of multimedia on your side is a way to move your business into another world of success.

Shooting for Success

When you get into multimedia, obviously, you have to do a little bit of homework. Reading up on online ad design and current trends in video and visual media will help you a lot. Most information on this is available online and in the library, easily accessible for any business pro.

But what will really help you is to start shooting. What this means is that you have to start actually creating your multimedia material. For a good starting point, you should begin working on videos. Today, videos for online marketing are easy to create right from your home with cheap, high-definition cameras that you can get at the camera store. Here, what is most important is how you shoot your video, its content, and what happens when it goes online.

Your video should have information for your clients, both current and new, be it a promotion of new products or an announcement of some sort. You should prep your video as if it were a real feature film production with a script, proper camera positioning, and multiple takes to produce the best video possible. Once you are done, you have to get it online and working properly with video SEO (search engine optimization). It has to have keywords tagged onto it that will appear in video SEM (search engine marketing). If you use YouTube or another popular video interface, there usually is an uploading module where you can upload your video online from your camera or computer, input keywords, and then have it ready to be watched.

Oddly, this is a form of PPC ad optimization, just like your regular web page or online ad material. Video SEO and video SEM, along with pop-up ads, 3D splash pages, or even music clips or animations, have become the new multimedia advertising formats of the web. Likely, it will all be used more in the coming years.

Making Director’s Cuts

Your multimedia material is more or less the same as your other ad material online. You put it out into cyberspace and see how well it works. If it doesn’t work, you have to start making changes—your own personal “director’s cuts”—to make them more effective.

Whether you use a new pop-up ad or some video SEO, see if it is doing its search engine marketing job via the analytics results. If there is nothing happening or little client response, you can rework your multimedia, like you do your regular web pages, to function better, or you can plan to do new ones. In any case, don’t give up on multimedia marketing for your business. As mentioned above, we are likely going to see more of these new media worlds in the coming years, so it’s best to get working on your own now.

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