Knowing the Criteria for Search Engine Marketing

Knowing the Criteria for Search Engine Marketing

Criteria for Search Engine MarketingIf you’ve ever seen the famous John Boorman film Deliverance, you no doubt remember the “Dueling Banjos” scene, where Ronny Cox’s character and an odd-looking mountain man try to outdo each other by exchanging hot licks throughout a bluegrass tune. When most people recall the scene they often question the mountain man himself. In James Dickey’s adapted book, he’s described as a white-skinned boy who has never been to school and only knows how to pick the banjo. To see the film again, you’re not sure if he’s a boy or an old man, due to his odd appearance. Whatever the case is, he just plays and outdoes his rival with fierce right-handed rolls.

This does you give you pause. Some crack shots can’t do anything but hit a paper target right on the bull’s-eye. There are illiterate men who can’t read a newspaper headline but can check the points on your lawnmower engine in 10 seconds. Then there are intellectuals who can’t drive but know all the phyla for insects by heart. For these folks, they can just do it. It’s instinct.

And it’s enough to make you sick. While you admire these talents, you are jealous, too. It’s a very human feeling. Even if you run an online business, there are those who just adapt to online business formats and proceed to conquer the online frontier for all of its wealth. This seems unfair to you, and there’s a good chance you get dejected.

But you shouldn’t. The truth is that these folks are in the minority and should be treated as such. The rest of us have to work. There are no hard and fast reasons why digital marketing works better for others. Sometimes it’s their product, sometimes it’s their background, sometimes it’s luck. In the end, you just have to understand some common criteria of online marketing and work toward them to maximize your chances for online business success.

Particularly in Web marketing or search marketing, you have to get ready for what brings clients in to online businesses. You need to have the correct ads for online formats, the links in place for them to be directed back to your web site, the right keywords in the right places, etc. With search engine marketing (SEM), you are putting out information onto the Internet that clients will see and hopefully follow up on. Therefore, you have to use their kind of eye to create the right sort of marketing material for what today’s media-savvy clients look for. It’s the old idea of putting yourself in the clients’ shoes and thinking in terms of what they’d like.

Once you’ve followed the basic criteria, there are the more advanced ones to follow. You’ve created the ads, launched them and are waiting for a reply. In the meantime, you have to make sure that your web site is up to snuff in terms of quality and presentation. You might be looking into doing some more creative work like pop-ups or video SEM, whereby you upload videos online to attract clients. You might be setting up a linking network to increase the chances of more online client traffic. These are all good, but again, make sure this stuff is properly done. You video SEM programs should all be tagged with the right (and right amount of) keywords. Make sure your links are active. Make sure your pop-ups work on every online browser. These secondary criteria keep your home base strong while your platoon of advertising is out fighting the battle.

And, of course, the final criteria are costs. Having some foresight into what kind of money you need helps you get ready to pay for services and get your business campaigns launched faster. You have to pay for web site developers, search engine optimization costs, domain space, etc. There’s a lot to shell out for, so shop around, price items and do some arithmetic to make sure you stay on budget and don’t bog yourself down in debt.

Whether you have great instincts or just a great work ethic, you always need to be up on the rules to do your job by. Keeping ahead of SEM criteria helps with this and helps everyone have the opportunity for online business success all the time.

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