How to Get More Sales from Your Mobile Visitors

How to Get More Sales from Your Mobile Visitors

Mobile marketingUsing a mobile phone to browse the web has quickly surpassed the use of computers. In fact, in the U.S. alone, use of mobile data has risen by more than 51%. Even though smartphones and other mobile devices have only been around for a short time, savvy marketers know that they need to adapt for users of this day and age.

It was predicted in 2008 that mobile device users would surpass PC users. Many of the top online companies like Google have made changes to accommodate the increased number of people using mobile devices to search the Web.

Despite the increasing use of mobile devices, they remain a primary method of research. When it comes to making a purchase, many users will simply use their desktop or laptop, or visit the store itself. Businesses should consider the prevalence of mobile device use as a means of making purchases as another revenue stream.

The best way to do this is to optimize your website for mobile users. Doing so will make them far more likely to make a purchase using their mobile device. One business saw sales from mobile devices increase by 40% after they optimized their site for users. Another saw sales well into six figures.

There are a number of steps you can take to make your web site friendly for mobile users and increase your revenue stream from mobile devices.

Make Your Website Responsive

When combined with traditional channels and online purchases, a web site that is optimized for mobile users can result in a huge surge in sales.

A common mistake that many businesses make is assuming that customers will navigate a mobile site in the same way they would if they were sitting at their desktop or laptop. This also extends to tablet and smartphone users; both devices are different when it comes to browsing mobile sites. You should have a strong landing page that is fast and responsive. Users will be navigating on a small screen with their fingertips, so ease of use is a top priority to consider.

Become Quickly Reachable on a Call

Your customers should be able to reach you quickly if they are interested in making a purchase. Making your telephone number clickable is one way to do this. Ensuring your phone number can be called automatically by tapping it could add significantly to the potential in boosting sales. If your customers have to go through the trouble of memorizing your number or copying and pasting it, they may just take their business elsewhere.

If a customer calls, you should be available to take the call quickly or return it in an efficient manner. Other methods for allowing customers to reach you include e-mail or contact forms. Calling directly is the best method with smartphones since typing long messages can be tedious and time-consuming. Surprisingly, not many businesses take this rather obvious step when optimizing their website for mobile users.

Minimize Navigation

This is another no-brainer. Obviously, mobile users are going to be viewing your site on a smaller screen. A complicated, busy website is going to make it difficult to browse. A drop-down menu with something to the effect of, “Click Here for More Options” is a popular method for mobile web sites. Arriving at the ideal navigational layout may take some trial and error. Try multiple methods out and see what resonates best with users in your testing phase.

Website Load Speed

A mobile web site should load quickly. Keep in mind that a lot of users may be using mobile data, which costs them money, to browse your site. You don’t want to make them feel like they are wasting their time by being on your site. Attention spans are short. And time is of the essence.

What’s worse, your users’ minds may start to wander if they have to wait for a site to load. If they have to wait too long, they can very easily change their mind about making a purchase. One of the best methods to ensure that your mobile site loads quickly is to create a minimalist version, even if it means sacrificing all the bells and whistles.

Practice Thumb-Focused Interactions

When it comes to browsing mobile websites, consider that people use their fingers or thumbs to browse. This also includes swiping and tapping. Browsing mobile sites is tactile and gesture-based. Scrolling through your mobile site should be made as simple as possible. If your customers have to type out long messages, they become frustrated. For the best way to determine how to optimize your mobile site for gesture-based browsing, hold your phone in the way you find most comfortable and make a circle with your thumb.

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