How to Become a Great Online Marketing Consultant

How to Become a Great Online Marketing Consultant

How to Become a Great Online Marketing ConsultantMore than Just

There are those who are good at their job: they go in, punch the clock, do their duties, then clear out right at quitting time, hoping to get a seat at the bar to shoot the breeze with colleagues. But then there are those who live and breathe their job, working off the clock and wanting to do more than is expected of them.

Some might classify these folks as workaholics, but others, after seeing their record of results, opt to label them as real pros. Such people have earned their stripes through real “in the trenches” work that has brought them both knowledge of online business and a reputation that warrants the admiration of their peers.

Once you gain such stature, usually over a period of several years, you’ll begin to accumulate a portfolio of work that is valuable to others just like you. You’ll see people coming out of the woodwork to hit you up for tips in exchange for small pay, gift baskets, or, in some cases, bottles of wine.

While all of those are great rewards (a lot of people appreciate the wine), the lesson to be learned is to value the talents you’ve accumulated. Moreover, if you’ve got the skills and wish to use them on a more hands-on and profitable level, acting as a consultant is a good option. Consultants in online business can do well for themselves, as they are always in demand. It’s just a matter of getting underway.

Selected Offerings

In this day and age, with so many self-proclaimed consultants going around saying that they’re good at multiple jobs—especially online business ones—you really have to stand out. The best way to do this is by both presenting yourself well to the public and having strong credentials to back up your claims. If your work is your passport, then your self-promotion is your ticket in the door to an interested party.

The things you have experience with, particularly those that have been successful, are what count. Can you do PPC ad optimization in a flash? How about web site marketing and using web site material to sell products online? Have you had a contract where you managed to make a dent in an online marketing forum? If so, jot those successes down and use them as your selling points. Create a portfolio of your work to show others as well.

The key thing here is to get hip to professional social media. Today, having a solid web site and references is obviously necessary, but being able to refer back to a well-updated social media web site is essential to boosting your status as a consultant. Sites like LinkedIn are good choices, as your peers often want to see what you have to offer in a well-detailed form. Social media, if managed correctly, can present you as the best sort of consultant that others will be interested in.

Selling Yourself

This attitude towards self-presentation is essential in becoming any sort of consultant in online business. You have to accumulate some sort of track record, build a portfolio with references that can swear by your abilities, and then go banging on doors to get people interested. It’s true that you may have to make some calls and hit up some friends for favours, but there is a feeling of satisfaction once you have been contracted for a job.

To be safe, get some certifications. Even if you’re a PPC ace, having certifications in pay per click and knowing how to reduce it, or being educated in web marketing can show others that you’re a real search engine marketing specialist, and not just some hack off the street. People can be suspicious, but if you have the titles behind your name and have established your abilities, you can generate business for yourself as the best online marketing consultant around.

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