Hard and Fast Rules Focusing Your Best Efforts in Online Business

Hard and Fast Rules—Focusing Your Best Efforts in Online Business

web site marketingDirectionally Challenged

It’s 2 a.m. Your blood is buzzing with caffeine after you’ve downed your third pot—and you have a fourth brewing. Your spouse has gone off to bed, frustrated that you’re working too much. You feel too tired to sleep and too awake to concentrate. You’re in the throngs of entrepreneur oblivion and nothing’s working the way you want.

The above sounds pretty sensational, but it’s closer to real life than you might expect. Online business pros spend a lot of time pounding away at their computers, expending a lot of physical energy, and stressing over what the future will bring. It’s tough and it often seems hopeless.

When it comes to online business, that oblivion isn’t so much a result of you being inept at your job. Quite the opposite. You probably know very well what is required of you day-to-day. The problem is that the focus is gone, and so now you have to get it back and realign it with the path that will renew your outlets of online business success over time.

With search engine marketing and web site marketing, there are some key areas you have to pay attention to all of the time. Online business success is often a slow moving vehicle. But firmly holding the wheel and steering it with direction, you can make it perform well for you.

No Frills

Despite your strong impressions of what online business is, galvanization is always an asset. Sometimes stripping your business right down to the bare wires will help. That way you can see what you really need to do.

Going the no frills route of web site marketing for your online business means starting with your web site, ensuring that it is up to snuff. This means that you’ve done the correct search engine optimization (SEO) and related optimization tasks, and have the correct keyword usage in place throughout all content. No blank pages should exist on your web site and it’s worthwhile to flag a web site consultant to help you build the site correctly under SEO standards, as this is cheaper and more efficient than having the consultant come in later in the development stages.

While web site marketing itself is important, you might want to flush out some of the other online marketing work you are doing. If you find yourself working in other online formats but they aren’t delivering the results expected, re-evaluate your purposes with using them. For example, a lot of online pros enjoy working on search engine marketing that involves videos (video SEM) and then doing video SEO to help get them spotted online. As fun as videos are, they often don’t amount to what you expected when you made them. Opting out of them can help you free up some much-needed energy for other online business matters. Don’t forget that you can always come back to video SEM later; but in the beginning stages, focus on the priorities of online SEM.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Some processes in online marketing can be pumped up a lot by other pros who will encourage you to use them too. There’s nothing wrong with friendly advice, but not all online marketing processes work the same for all pros. A good example is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It’s a good tool to use and PPC ad optimization can result in a lot of attention from online clients. But it’s really costly, too; so if it’s drying you out, use other web site marketing techniques like SEO to help free up some cash.

When it comes to search engine marketing and online marketing of your business in general, there are a lot of fads and falsehoods. You really have to be on-guard and do some work to see what will help you the most. Most of all, don’t expect things to happen overnight, as that rarely happens. There’s no real good reason for you to be doing the 2 a.m. scenario too often. Good things come to the online pros who chip away with care and professionalism at what they do.

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