Going Viral: Multimedia Marketing and its Visual Rewards

Going Viral: Multimedia Marketing and its Visual Rewards

Going Viral: Multimedia Marketing and its Visual RewardsWhen You First Start Out Online…

Whether you’ve been at your own business for a while, or you’re just new to it, you’ve probably heard more than a few war stories about someone else when they first started out. They could be a famous entrepreneur a la Sir Richard Branson, or just a local veteran to your area, and they dish out the stories of the battles they waged as up-and-comers to encourage you, or sometimes just to boast. This can be good, as it gets your mind psyched for your own professional adventure, but it also can be a bit tedious, too. You often just want to go about it yourself, and not hear others go on and on about theirs.

If you come across a veteran like this, one thing you might want to do is pick their brain about the possibilities of today. Not to be critical or put them on the spot, but to see what they would really do online if they were starting out today. If they are pros—they probably are—they can probably put their own spin on why digital marketing has potential for success and what avenues are best for you. If they know a thing or two about online multimedia, you should pay close attention!

Multimedia and its Possibilities

Online business is not like the old days of business, where you marketed with billboards, flyers, and TV ads. Those things are fine today, but as media outlets, they don’t have the same mechanisms as web marketing multimedia. You have to be aware of this once you start using multimedia as an online business resource.

Think of the most basic example of this: the video. Anyone can make a video today on a cheap camera or phone, and upload it to the Internet. But, what’s it going to do for you once it’s there, especially if it’s a video you’ve made to market a new product, or promote a new service? It has to be able to work in the same search engine marketing capacities as your online content. It has to be used in the capacity of video SEM (search engine marketing). Therefore, it has to have keywords tagged on to it, and must be optimized to its top video SEO capabilities. You can do this with most video interfaces that you use to upload videos to the Web, as they will ask you for titles and keywords as input to catalogue your video online. The same goes for other multimedia you use online as part of your business as well—ads, blogs, etc. If whatever form of media you use is going to be put online to help you gain business, it has to be calibrated once it’s there for people to find it.

Going Viral

If you get up in the morning, and access your Internet as others do in this day and age, you probably check the news and see all the headlines, videos, and other pixelated information that has been born on the Web. This is the idea of going viral. Once one bit of information has made it online and been received AND passed to others, it has become a viral sensation. If you want to attain real business success in the digital age, going viral is an aspiration worth shooting for.

By using whatever multimedia facilities you can online—video SEO (search engine optimization), video SEM, blogs, pop-up ads, banner ads, etc.—with whatever optimization capabilities you can, you allow yourself a better chance of being seen by a prospective client through random searches. This is what creates online client traffic, and inevitably brings clients—and profit—to you on the Web.

Going back to the seasoned business pros, if you look at some old companies today like Coke, Pepsi, Sony, or Apple, they’ve taken advantage of modern multimedia for their marketing as well, through every thing from 3-D ads, to video demos of their products, to special offers made exclusively through the Internet. They’ve succeeded, too. If it’s good enough for these bastions of the modern business world to take advantage, it’s good enough for you, too, to use to the extreme.

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