Freeze Frame: Going Video and Viral for Your Online Business

Freeze Frame: Going Video and Viral for Your Online Business

Going Video and Viral for Your Online BusinessInformation in Real Time

With the abundance of visual media today, it may seem trite for any online business pro to make a video. Kids can do it with their smartphones and video media is so prevalent everywhere—from subway platforms to stadiums—that it’s almost redundant. But video still has a place in online business and can be used to generate great business results.

The thing about videos for online business is that they have a two-fold purpose: to provide information and to help function in online searches to get more clients. Like web site marketing, you have to create a video with specific conditions in mind if it is going to have the potential to bring in more success for your business or video SEM (search engine marketing). There has to be planning involved.

The video production side takes the most planning, but it can be fun, too. You might want to offer a promotion or offer some sort of educational information to a specific portion of the public. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to sit down, write up a script about what you are going to shoot, and then proceed with the production; any good video content has a structure so that viewers can understand what is being presented to them, and using this structure will make your video that much more comprehensive.

A note here: you don’t need a big “Betamax” camera set up with staggered, film noir-style lights and flashing after-effects. Just a simple video set-up with a camera that can allow digital videos to be uploaded online will suffice. Some music and graphics can be fun, but don’t overdo it.

Optimize the Images

Videos take on a life of their own once they are placed online. Obviously, it’s online where people finally get to see what you are presenting. But there’s more to it than that: the matter of video SEO (search engine optimization).

Videos, like your content, need to be optimized. Most online outlets that are for uploading and presenting videos have input interfaces for optimized content like keyword phrases. This is to be used every time you publish a video online. As you likely know, search engine marketing succeeds through SEO by people finding the content that best matches the information they are seeking. This is why digital marketing can work well. Anyone anywhere can find this stuff and get what they need from it, just by punching in a few keywords into a search interface. Moreover, they can seek out more information from the same source—you, in this case—with the possibility of getting involved with your business.

There are different video publishing web sites all across the Internet, so make sure that when you upload your video to them or to your web site, you understand what video SEO options are there for you. You will have a greater chance of having your proudly produced video found easier.

The Front Row

Producing videos for web site marketing purposes can be a hard beast to tame in order to generate success for your business. A lot of online business pros produce a video, wait to see what happens to it after its optimization online, and then forget about the video if they are unimpressed with the poor feedback. But video SEM should be done regularly over a set period of time to see if it can really be mustered for online business success. Create a few, release them, test client response, and don’t be afraid to do more off-the-cuff ones for promotions as they become available.

The front row of today’s media is on all the nearest screens, and those screens are now in people’s pockets, briefcases, and on their desks. Getting in on this large video forum can mean some serious blockbuster success for you and your business.

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