Connections of Teaching and Success: The Search Engine Marketer’s Own Personal Network

Connections of Teaching and Success: The Search Engine Marketer’s Own Personal Network

Connections of Teaching and Success: The Search Engine Marketer’s Own Personal NetworkGet Involved

When you’re in online business for yourself, you can afford to shy away from the public eye a bit while still managing to bring in your own income. In fact, being an independent online business professional is a good way to be anonymous in an overly in-touch world. But, it’s not good to be an island all of the time.

The truth is that if you’re an online business pro, it’s actually healthy to be in a balanced amount of connection with other online professionals. Having a network of associates is a good way to keep ahead of the ever-changing online business trends that affect how you operate, and at the same time you can make some close associations along the way. Moreover, getting involved in an online business network can actually bring in more success to your already existing income streams.

Shy or gregarious, nerdy or sporty, business-minded or tech-smart, a strong online business network is the way to create a community of like-minded pros today. With search engine marketing and other online business mechanisms today, online business pros know that their field requires skills from a wide range of areas of expertise. Hence there is a demand for your knowledge while at the same time you are in need of the skills of other pros to improve your business. This skill-sharing is what makes an online business network so exceptional—it’s important to share search engine marketing knowledge. Coming to the network table, you provide your talent while politely taking from others.

Wealth of Knowledge

Finding an online business network is pretty easy. Just search for them online through your search engine or through social media sites and you are bound to find some. However, since many of them are different, it’s good to know which ones to join. Some networks focus on things like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising while others deal with specific areas in online business, such as stock trading or online banking. Whichever is the case, find the one(s) that best suits you and your business.

When deciding which to join, take note of what they have to offer. Many of the networks have a learning center where you can access everything from web site optimization lessons to tutorials on video SEM (search engine marketing) or video SEO (search engine optimization)—often with a video demonstration that shows you how to make a video! You can also see job postings, industry news, and take advantage of special membership discounts that become available through the network itself.

In addition to what you can take away from the network, take note on where you can participate and offer your talents as well. If you are a great online marketing guru or search engine marketing specialist of some prominence, you offering some of your own tips to the other network members will be helpful to people just like you. As well, by offering your expertise to the network at large, you indirectly promote your business—attracting new contacts, clients, and associates as a result. The self-promotion is the unspoken benefit of being in an online business network.

The Big Pay-Off

Going a step further, if you’ve got the know-how for search engine marketing and other online business skills, why not offer them for a fee? As any great tutor or teacher knows, having the ability to share useful knowledge is a valuable commodity today. What you’ve done, what you’ve learned, and how you can share your knowledge all have a nice price tag attached.

Today, there are a lot of ways to conduct your teachings. You can set up webinars, hold tutorials either online or in a group session area, or, if possible, do private lessons. A lot of online forums, especially online business networking web sites, will allow you to advertise through the network. You can charge appropriate fees for your teaching services—all the while making real connections for your business.

Again, having a network of online associates is all about exchanging knowledge and being part of a community of like-minded business pros—you’ll find it interesting and profitable, all in the same location.

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