Being the Search Engine Marketing Watchdog to Ensure Success

Being the Search Engine Marketing Watchdog to Ensure Success

magnifying glassThe Stats that Speak

So…like pie charts? Graphs? Lots and lots of numbers that reveal facts about performance?

Your answer is probably something like: “Yeah, about as much as I enjoy watching paint dry, or having a root canal.”

To be truthful: statistics stink. Not only are they boring to go over, but also they can often reveal the darkest truths about someone or something’s performance. In short, unless the news is good, stats stink.

But, we need them. Especially if you are working in online business, stats might be your most “popular-unpopular” ally. They will give you the most current insight into how well business is going for you and what you have to do to make it better. This is especially the case with search engine marketing. If you are trying to make a go of your business online, the stats about all of your operations—PPC, cost-per-click, daily performance, etc.—will speak to you directly about how well business is going.

The Best and the Worst

Right off the bat, when you are keeping up with statistics and becoming a search engine marketing watchdog for your business, you have to focus on the important factors to observe, what search engines are working best for you, and which aren’t. Recent reports have shown that popular engines like Bing and Google either continue steadily on their path, or even grow. Others that were popular before have fallen by the wayside, and are declining in their market share. This means that these engines are not being used by the consumer public much to search out items, your business included. Therefore, you have to decide where to focus your search engine marketing, and where to direct your pay-per-click or PPC ad optimization operations.

From there, you should also be watching your analytics like a hawk to see times when your business is performing at its best. Often, you will notice it does better at night when more people are home. This should influence your decision about adjusting your search engine marketing/PPC bids that will affect your cost-per-click and search engine optimization costs. By viewing the analytics of when your online products are sought out the most, you can manipulate your search engine marketing material to lower your input costs, and increase your profit channels simultaneously. This takes a bit of observation and time to get right, so allow yourself some trial-and-error time to sharpen your watchdog eyes, and improve your online business from there.

To be honest, this watchdog overviewing of your business performance can be dry and not much fun. But, it’s worth doing for the simple reason that, while your business may perform well sometimes, your objective is to keep it performing well for a long time. Instant success can happen to anyone, but they often have a fall-out later with their business collapsing. Real pros pay attention, learn the ropes of online business performance, and learn how to keep it going for a long time.

Keeping up with the Press

Like any professional, you have to keep up with the news and information that is relevant to your business. If you are dealing in car parts, you probably keep up to date with the automotive news. If you are a technology guru, you are aware of the most current tech publication(s). That’s all fine, but if you are working in search engine marketing, add or bookmark online a good search engine marketing publication to your stack of reading. Journals like Search Engine Watch and others will keep you up on which search engines work the best, what new applications are being introduced, and what search engine trends are emerging. Most of this stuff is available online, but make sure you check business publications and libraries as well. Whatever help you can get with your search engine business work will keep you on the watchdog prowl…and one step ahead in fortifying your business for success online.

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