Being a Video Superstar with Online Marketing

Being a Video Superstar with Online Marketing

Online Marketing   Becoming a famous person can be an easy, one-time event or a laborious process that can take years and come with no guarantees of fruition. We’ve seen the young nobodies of the world get discovered and rise to meteoric success without much outside assistance. We’ve also seen people who have been in the trenches for years, working away, and suddenly in their golden years, they finally get the recognition they deserve. In the end, there’s no real rhyme or reason to becoming famous. Just dreams and hard work.

A lot of online marketers want to become famous, or at least have their products become famous with the consumer body at large. They work, sweat and experiment with every format they can to make themselves real superstars of the mass market. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not, but sometimes they overlook some methods that can really help them become the superstars they yearn to be. Like making a video.

There’s a good chance you are groaning as you read this. And for good reason. Everyone and their grandfathers are making videos these days and posting them online. They are usually to make a point or to try to draw attention to themselves. They want to be the superstars of the digital era. Making a video seems cliché and tactless to you, so you probably shrugged it off long ago for your business. Why waste your time with teenage or amateur Hollywood dream antics, right?

Maybe. But doing videos for your business is much different than doing videos for fun. Businesspeople use videos for communication purposes, to give clients updates or to promote products and services. They are hardly the kind of status-seeking media you’d expect, but oddly enough, they can lead to making you a superstar in your own respect. If videos are done right, they can be a real business tool for success. They are another reason why digital marketing can be effective to business growth.

Doing videos and video search engine marketing (SEM) is a process in itself, so it pays to know what kind of video you want to make beforehand. You might have a seminar that you’ve done and want to share with the public. You might want to do an online promotion. Or, you might just want to give a first-person update of your business. All good, but like a filmmaker in the studio, you have to get your script written up and rehearsed and get the right gear to record it. You usually need just a simple camera from any electronics store that can record video and then upload it to the Net. Once you’ve got this all done, you’ve practically got your video made.

What happens with the video afterward is the real challenge. As the term suggests, video SEM is part of SEM, so your video is part of the content of your web site. You have to tag it with the right keywords, as you would your ads, and place it accordingly on your web site. As with your ads, when people do searches online by inputting keywords in search engines, they might land on your video and be directed to your business. This is the principle of video search engine optimization (SEO) and not dissimilar to price-per-click (PPC) that you’ve used before. If this happens, you can see a rise in your online business ranking and more traffic being driven to your web site. Videos aren’t just for entertainment in video SEM and/or SEO. They are a real tool to bring in clients, so you have to treat your videos like you would your other promotional material.

Once you’ve done all this, you can make more and bring more information about your business to the Internet. Once they catch on, you then can become the superstar you want to be. If you think about people today seeing your video and gaining knowledge from it, they might come to your business with a note saying that they saw your video. It made them want to know more, see what you have and then shell out for products. This is the video superstar of the online business world and one that can make you properly famous. Make your video, and let your star shine bright.

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