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Example of the Free Site Analysis document you’ll receive:

Company sample report

If you are unhappy with the traffic that your web site is receiving but aren’t sure what the cause is or what you can do to improve, consider getting a free web site analysis. This is a comprehensive SEO audit report that Numero Uno Web Solutions performs, free of charge, as a way to help business owners get a leg up in the competitive SEO environment. As part of the design analysis, we will examine your site from a multitude of different angles to pinpoint web site errors:

  • Content Analysis: We will appraise your site’s content for uniqueness, authority, keyword presence and relevance, and other important factors.
  • Web Site Usability Issues: Sometimes it’s not your content that’s a problem, it’s that people have trouble accessing or otherwise reading it.
  • Web Site Responsiveness: Do your pages load too slowly, have issues with certain browsers, or feature otherwise finicky code?
  • Mobile Compatibility: With smartphones and tablets on the rise, having your web site easily readable on a mobile platform is key for accessibility.
  • Social Media Presence: One of the best SEO approaches is to engage your customer base through social media platforms, allowing you to develop trust and relationships that extend beyond simple business transactions.
  • Site Indexing: How easy is it for Google and other search engines to spot and list your web site?

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