How Using AdWords' Demographic Targeting Would Help You Reach the Right Audience

How Using AdWords’ Demographic Targeting Can Help You Reach the Right Audience

Adwords demographic targetingGoogle’s algorithms can infer a lot about what search users are like and which demographics they fall in to. Through AdWords, this information can be used to enhance ad group targeting for your online advertising. By learning which groups your ads are most (or least) effective with, you can engage in a series of activities to enhance your campaign effectiveness with the right audiences.

Why Demographic Targeting Is Important

Google currently allows AdWords to be targeting by age, gender, parental status, and—in the U.S.—household income. The ability to engage in this type of group targeting is important since the return on investment is crucial for any effective branding campaign. Advertising, at its core, is about giving the right message to the right audience. If you want to appeal to Millennials, seniors, wealthy households, newlywed couples, singles, or any other group, then it helps to use the relevant targeting practices rather than trying to aim broad. Basically, demographic targeting is all about trading breadth for depth and seeing a stronger result from your pay-per-click (PPC) and other campaigns as a result.

What the “Right Audience” Means

In order to make the most of your advertising budget, demographic mapping can be used to figure out not only who is clicking on your ads but also who is actually being converted. Since PPC ads cost you whenever someone clicks, even if they don’t convert, figuring out where the two align and converge is important for getting the highest return on investment.

A somewhat amusing example can be found in the realm of plastic surgery. If you are offering breast implants, your conversions are going to be from women in a large majority of cases. However, the majority of people who search for this like “large breasts” are male, meaning you are going to get a lot of unproductive clicks. In this scenario, the best targeting practices would be to use AdWords’ demographic tools to only display your ads to women.

Demographic mapping can also help you uncover strengths you may not have realized you had. For instance, you may find that your ads get higher conversion rates from singles, medium income households, women, or people who don’t have children, and can begin to shape your advertising to specifically attract these high conversion groups.

Lastly, demographic targeting lets you split your focus between multiple groups. Every demographic responds differently to any given type of message. Parents tend to respond better to things like safety and high-income households tend to value a sense of prestige or luxury convenience, if you’ll excuse the stereotyping. By creating different ads targeting these groups, you can use demographic targeting to ensure each population is only shown the ads that will most appeal to them. This is a prime example of trading breadth for depth, and getting better returns as a result.

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