How to Use Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC) to Maximize Conversions


Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) is a bid strategy that helps you get more conversions from manual bidding. Enhanced CPC combines manual bidding with a smart bidding strategy, which raises your manual bids at times that could lead to a sale or a conversion on your web site, and lowers your bid when it may be less likely for you to succeed. The ECPC bid strategy can help you maximize clicks once you set up conversion tracking. Here is some more information about how this flexible, automated strategy works and how it can help you maximize conversions.

Consider Location

Users behave differently depending on their location, and it is always good to target them geographically with targeted tactics. ECPC AdWords dimensions can give you a good insight into how each location affects your campaign’s performance overall. Knowing how consumers respond to your ads depending on their location will help you make better decisions such as which regions to avoid and which regions to exploit.

Conversion Tracking and Bidding

Tracking conversions is an important part of your marketing process because it can give you insight into how the performance of your ads relates to the success of your business. Conversion tracking can also help you identify which keywords and ads are the most successful. Additionally, bidding on branded keywords can do more for you than just controlling your ad’s message. It also sends branded visitors to a specific landing page and it can lead to an increase in overall performance for other keywords.

Start Doing Ad Rotation

Ad rotation is a simple feature that you can set up when you already have a certain number of conversions that have been working for you steadily. Ad rotation allows you to rotate through different advertisements to find out which one works best for a certain set of keywords.

ECPC: Reduce Your Cost-Per-Conversion

The difference between ECPC vs. CPC (cost-per-conversion) is that CPC refers to the total cost paid for an advertisement in relation to its success. CPC is the ratio of the total advertisement views and the total successful conversions resulting from those ideas. These conversions can come in the form of purchases, sign-ups, participation, etc. Cost-per-conversion should not be confused with cost-per-click which also goes by the same abbreviation.

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