The Holidays Are Coming—Are You and Your Business Ready?

The Holidays Are Coming—Are You and Your Business Ready?

Christmas late busy business woman running against timeSo, how goes the Halloween costume tailoring? All set? And once that’s done, you better have your Thanksgiving decorations and plans lined up. And then, of course, there’s Christmas; I am sure you are ready for that.

The above probably sounds like a bombardment and just a little bit shallow. But that’s often the case for so many, business pros or otherwise. The holidays are rife with hassles, scheduling matters, and more than a lot of money issues. They are supposed to be a time of fun and celebration, but often materialize as anything but. This is life, and you may not like it, but especially as a business pro, you have to be ready for all of this.

Getting Ready for the Season

Whether we care to admit it or not, the year-end holidays are a commercial period, and that doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa. Sure, you can debate the morality of this, but as a businessperson, you have to be ready for the commercial aspect of this time of year. In online business, this is especially the case, and a situation that you have to get ready for.

Gearing up for the holidays from an online business standpoint requires a bit of preparation with some strong PPC tips to keep in mind. As you probably already know, PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is an online practice that involves providing ads or keywords for potential customers to click on. Obviously, you have to prepare a good PPC campaign with keywords more geared to holiday material—i.e. “buy products online,” “10% off over holidays,” etc. This will require you to alter your Google PPC campaigns and rework your Google Adwords program with the right keywords and new holiday promotional material. Never wait too late for this. If you think of the overzealousness of some shops in the mall, they often have their holiday material up and ready to market in the shop window as early as the first week of November. Again, this might not be something you appreciate, but it’s something to consider if you are going to make the most of the holiday shopping times. With the Internet being the shopping mall of the future, you have to treat it as seriously as if you were window-dressing a shopping center display.

Another of the great PPC tips is to examine your pay-per-click costs. This is to take advantage of the amount of shopping that happens over the holiday season online. What you have to consider is if you want to increase the bids on the clicks that you get from clients, thus potentially bringing in more revenue for you once they start to buy. This takes a bit of analytic work, and you should dig up your buying stats from the previous year over the holiday season. The time frame that had the most buying by clients is when you should apply an increase in your click bids for the upcoming season. The tech pros call this a boost schedule, and you can get all kinds of information about it online and from computer literature resource shops.

Once You’re Done, You Can Enjoy Yourself

If you want to enjoy your holidays as an independent business pro, the trick really is to do all your work beforehand, from October to December. Once you do this, and the actual holidays roll around, you can ease off on your online campaigns, lower your bid prices, and then sit down with your family and enjoy your holidays. For all of its high-tech, new-age operating, online business and PPC functions a lot like traditional business in terms of human behavior. People buy a lot of stuff when they feel the need to. Understanding this will help you maximize on your holiday business potential while actually enjoying your holidays with those who matter most to you simultaneously.

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