Resolving the SEO vs. PPC Debate: Integrating SEO and PPC into One Successful Online Marketing Business Venture

Resolving the SEO vs. PPC Debate: Integrating SEO and PPC into One Successful Online Marketing Business Venture

Resolving the SEO vs. PPC DebateThe Ongoing Debate

Debates over online business techniques and what’s best for independent business pros are numerous. The everlasting SEO vs. PPC debate is one of the most controversial; business pros are still trying to figure out which one is the best.

The debate stems from what people have used to mobilize their business online and what methods they use to try to draw client traffic to their web site/online promotional content. Search engine optimization (SEO) seems to be great; it’s all about optimization and inputting the right words to drive organic searches to business material. However, users complain that it simply does not generate enough client traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) also seems great; you just have to pump money into an online advertising format and then you’ve got tons of client traffic—and a whopping bill to match that traffic! It’s no easy task to determine which one is best for your business.

What is often neglected, however, is how to incorporate both into your business. Many online pros have tried but failed, while many people—i.e., a PPC specialist—have chosen a certain position in the debate, rooting for that position without wavering. Yet you can turn the SEO vs. PPC contrast into a fully cooperative system within the body of your business activity.

Weighing the Numbers

In online business, numerical figures really do speak volumes. With the whole SEO vs. PPC debate, it’s the results numbers from your activities that will determine what way you want to go with your online advertising strategy. This means a separate examination of each activity.

The major complaint about any PPC campaign today is the exorbitant fees that go into using PPC. While PPC can drive client traffic to your web site with no problems, the bill for facilitating this can be huge. A lot of PPC specialists have admitted that even the most successful PPC users have to shell out big bucks for their PPC usage and that it can easily drain an independent business pro of their revenue.

On the other hand, business pros spend a lot of time and energy getting their SEO to work for organic searches, carefully testing the results numbers of how many clients they can reel in with all of the optimization work they’ve done. Here, the numbers are low in all cases; sure, you’ve saved more money than in PPC, but you haven’t brought in the revenue you want. It’s really tough to up the ante with SEO in order to gamble at bringing in more clients and, in turn, greater business potential.

The lesson from this somewhat crazed contrast is that you need to choose what direction to steer your business in order to get the results you want. Sticking with PPC or stepping up on your SEO is what you have to consider first. From there, you have to go over your data to see what can be done. Above all, test new methods with either new PPC or SEO, and see what yields better numerical results in terms of financial return plus reduced costs. But then, there’s one more option…

Combining SEO and PPC

A little extra elbow grease and hard work can allow you to combine both SEO and PPC into one integrated online marketing model for your business. Allowing for both an SEO and PPC system that you can divide equal attention to over time might be the way to go; this means working hard and thoroughly looking at each process. You can read up on what is current with SEO and what keywords or optimization techniques are out there now, while also looking into the top 10 PPC campaigns to see what you can learn from them for your own business. If you can free up a little cash and get some advice from an external PPC company, they might offer resources to improve on your PPC campaign while you focus your own attention on SEO from your home base. The whole SEO and PPC integration can take a lot of work, but if you can make the time to do both, you can learn good self-management and see some real rewards, too.

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