Plan “B” for PPC: Knowing What to Do in PPC Emergencies

Plan “B” for PPC: Knowing What to Do in PPC Emergencies

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When you hear from some pros or read on certain blogs today about various tech services being near foolproof to use for your business’ success, it’s hard not to believe them. After all, these guys are the pros and are conveying their knowledge about how these newfangled systems will keep your business on top of the world. Well, in theory anyway.

One of the popular programs up for scrutiny these days is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It’s supposed to alleviate all of your online marketing problems. All you have to do is sink some money into PPC advertising, create some ads, and then launch them out into cyberspace with the hope that people will respond to them with cash in hand. However, in truth, while PPC is pretty powerful in terms of delivering the business-success goods, it’s not flawless.

PPC can go south in a lot of ways, so it’s important for online business owners to recognize the symptoms before dealing with the problem. Likely, you’ll be seeing your analytics and noticing that the clicks to your ads aren’t converting into sales. Also likely, you’ll be getting your financial reports and seeing that you are spending more on PPC than you are reaping in returns to cover costs and generate profits. Occasionally, you’ll even see instances where you are getting notifications that your ads are being downgraded online due to lack of interest.

In any case, if your PPC online plan is faltering, it might be getting old or using a technique that is no longer good. This is a more common occurrence than some might think; but regardless of how common it is, you still have to be ready to dig into your bag of tricks and pull out a plan “B” solution as soon as the need arises.

Plan “B” and Then Some

When your PPC online starts to go bad, you need to address your PPC optimization right away. Quite often, your PPC ads aren’t optimized correctly, and don’t use the correct content to be useful in terms of converting to sales. Your optimization not only determines clients’ interests, but also your ranking online, and it’s best never to let that fall lower than absolutely necessary.

Taking apart your whole PPC online operation set-up might be required, often to check for criminal-like activity. It’s possible that your competitors are playing a bit foul and are clicking on your ads to suck up your PPC click budget. That or they are another kind of scoundrel employing click programs online that are, either by design or accident, messing with your PPC campaign. Having a close look at this and then finding a good PPC assurance program to defend against the scoundrels might help.

Some pros today even opt to resurrect the old SEO vs. PPC debate and put their search engine optimization (SEO) into renewed action once the PPC starts to show its flaws. This is legitimate, and online business owners never hurt themselves by continually keeping up on SEO trends over time as they would with PPC. But remember that SEO might generate the same results PPC has been giving them thus far, so perhaps put this down as plan “C”: a last resort if necessary.

The Hired Guns

There is no doubt that PPC is a very tricky bull to grab by the horns; trying to master it on your own is noble, but sometimes you just can’t. If this is the case for you, find someone who can.

Now that PPC is reaching a level of general understanding by the digital marketing community, there are reputable PPC management services that can really help you out. They are the hired guns that can come in, assess your PPC online situation through a professional diagnosis, and then make the necessary adjustments as soon as you give them the green light. Good PPC management services can also monitor your PPC material over the long-term to make the correct adjustments as the need arises.

With PPC, having a plan “B” or, even better, having several plans, ready is always worthwhile. You just need to be prepared to put the plan into action as soon as things go bad. This is simply smart maintenance for your online business.

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