Incorporating Seasonal Themes into Your Online PPC Strategy

Incorporating Seasonal Themes into Your Online PPC Strategy

Incorporating Seasonal Themes into Your Online PPC StrategyWe can never see what lies ahead in life—at least, not outside of what’s listed on a calendar. With online business, the changing of the seasons might mean different work opportunities, lulls in activity, and sometimes rushes to meet deadlines. However, each season and its holidays, themes, and practices can help generate more business. It’s important to take advantage of these periods, and this is especially true for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Online business often relies on PPC, and by taking the time of year into account, you can greatly increase its effectiveness.

Eye on the Calendar

Begin by plotting out the work year based on each season and holiday’s date; based on how often holidays occur, new PPC campaigns may be needed every few months, or even days. However, adding the seasonal element will make new PPC ad ideas based on the season possible.

The role the seasons play in new PPC campaigns is based on the quality of your PPC optimization. Most seasons have select keywords that advertisers use; redo and reoptimize the content of your PPC ads based on these keywords, adjusting them based on what clients will be looking for that particular month. You should also create multiple ads for each period, as some will function better over the course of the particular season than others.

Last Year’s Experience

Thankfully, PPC can be tracked, allowing you an up-close look at the analytics. Once you get accustomed to seasonal PPC activity, you will likely see some patterns: times of increased profits, periods where your PPC campaign was especially strong, and occasions when you paid more for ad activity. Keep track of those patterns and compare them with those of previous years to see when you experience peak business and when a new PPC strategy is required.

Also pay close attention to your mobile PPC campaigns, especially during peak shopping seasons, like Christmas or Halloween. There periods often see a spike in mobile business from customers who’d rather not brave the crowded malls. Take advantage of this by using your PPC manager to ensure your PPC is read for these lucrative periods. Because if you’re in online business, success is the reason for the season.

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