In PPC, It’s All about Where You Are

In Pay-per-click Campaigns, It’s All About Where You Are

In Pay-per-click Campaigns, It’s All About Where You AreLocation, location, location. That’s the old saying about nailing down business the right way. If you are in the snow blower business, being in Colorado or British Columbia is where it’s at; Florida, not so much. If you study politics, getting to a capital city for a job might do you better than interning at the small village community center. It’s all about your environment, your niche, your place. Location determines just about everything you do and how you interact with your surroundings, either professionally or personally.

This is also the case for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns as well. All too often, online business professionals forget the importance of taking their location into account when doing their PPC online. It can be a fatal flaw for their businesses, but easily fixed once spotted.

Starting with What’s Around You

Taking stock of what is around in terms of location will help you with your PPC optimization right off the bat. Your city, state, region, and township names are all valuable to you as a way to generate business at the local level. For example, if you have a company that sells bicycles in Fort Lauderdale, your keywords should be tailored along the lines of “bicycle Fort Lauderdale” or “bicycle sales Fort Lauderdale.” Those combinations of words as long-tail keywords make for the one of the best PPC tips to pass along to independent business pros wanting to generate business. Moreover, a lot of business is lost in online searches because business pros do not do this. They lose out on people who could be seeking their business out by not incorporating location words and information into their content that could be searched online. If you are creating content and trying to make your keywords work for you in PPC, be sure to take stock of what’s around you that can be used as keywords, and get that into your web content.

Leaving a Local Impression and Beyond

As the old story goes, if you start small, you can grow bigger. In PPC optimization, it’s about starting small from one location and branching out from there. Remember: the Internet is a global, easily accessed medium, and you stand to get business from both local and national—even international—locations. However, you have to make your PPC campaign work to effect the generation of online traffic, both locally and outside your area. Offering special promotions for people in your area helps. Later, once your local success comes, it is likewise good in offering a similar but different promotion for clients far away from you, too. What sorts of promotions are good? Discounts on shipping, free eBooks or downloadable materials, or special membership offers involving your business are good areas to start. What’s more, you can partner with a local business to offer specials to your local clients if they purchase certain products from you, or you can do the same with another company once you start to market outside your own area. PPC campaign work becomes exciting when you see increases in online traffic to both your business and someone else’s. The success can be a great two-way street with online traffic moving quickly for two parties. The PPC pros talk about the need to consider location to generate more impressions for your business online, and these location-based options are the way to do it.

In PPC, where you are located is often as important as what you are about. By making basic considerations about your location, where you are marketing to, and what locations you wish to market to in the future, your PPC campaign will be that much more efficient. Don’t neglect to draw on the power of location in your PPC campaign.

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