5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Landing Page

Nailing the Landing: Improving Your Landing Page

Improving Your Landing PageThere is no denying the importance of a company’s landing page when it comes to PPC online. Landing pages are what appear in searches, so they have to be functioning and successful, which means they need to be properly optimized at all times.

Here is a checklist to make sure your landing pages meet these demands:

1.  Architecture

If you’re familiar with web site design, you already know the necessities of ad construction, such as meta tags that denote headings. When designing your PPC advertising, make sure to pay close attention to these tags. Your structure should follow the preferred online style, as well as draw attention so that the right links are clicked on first.

2.  Keyword Placement

You likely have your keywords for the bodies of your PPC ads already planned out. Keywords are essential to PPC optimization, just make sure they are spaced out throughout the body of your ad. Repeating a few phrases is also acceptable, but don’t go overboard.

3.  Multiple Pages

Keyword phrases are even easier to spread out if your PPC strategy uses more than one landing page. And if you test one that fails to be well-received by clients, you’ll have another one with other keywords available to use instead.

4.  Embedded Images with Text

Images don’t have any optimization potential unless you embed them with keyword text—the words that appear before clicking on an image. This is referred to as ”alt text,” and you need to make sure your images include it.

5.  Right Amount of Content

While images are great, having great content is also necessary. But don’t overload your landing pages with content to the point that they load up at a snail’s pace; anything that slows down your landing page’s loading times hurts that page’s PPC results. Keep your PPC advertising short and sweet.

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