How to Improve Quality Scores to Maximize Your AdWords ROI

How to Improve Quality Scores to Maximize Your AdWords ROI

Maximize ROI from PPC campaignWhen running any sort of paid campaign, it is important to maximize your return on investment (ROI) in order to get the most bang for your buck. ROI improvements can be found by either boosting the effectiveness of a given campaign or by lowering costs. When talking about pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns using Google AdWords, the former can help the latter thanks to something known as a “quality score.” This is a value that Google assigns to PPC ads, and it can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

What Is a Quality Score?

The quality score is a measurement of the quality and relevance of the keywords your PPC campaign employs. The exact way the score is calculated is something Google keeps close to the vest, but certain factors are known to influence the score. These factors are your historical AdWords account performance, relevance of the ad text itself, relevance and quality of the landing page, relevance of keywords, and the click-through rate (CTR) of the ad. This last one is generally considered to be higher-weighted than the others since the frequency with which people click on your ad is a good signal that something about the ad was relevant or helpful.

What Is the Significance of a Quality Score?

Your quality score works sort of like your credit score does when applying for a loan. If you have a good credit score, then the bank will offer you higher loan amounts and lower interest rates. If you have a good quality score, Google will not only charge you less for your AdWords, but it will give your ads higher rankings. Since the increased visibility will naturally raise the number of people who see—and ideally click on—your ads, it should be easy to see how this and the lower costs can help you maximize your ROI from any given paid campaign.

How to Improve Your Quality Score

Even if, for whatever reason, you don’t care about the AdWaords rewards Google bestows for strong quality scores, it is still worth the effort to know how to improve them. A strong quality score means that more people find your ad relevant and useful, which is a benefit to any campaign.

Improve Your Click-Through Rate

One of the most effective ways to boost your CTR is by narrowing your ad to become more relevant and focused. Every ad in your campaign should focus on a single, specific product or service. Instead of “sports equipment,” focus on “footballs”; instead of “women’s apparel,” focus on “blouses”; and so on. By creating specific ad groups and using precise keyword choices, you can focus on making each ad simple and direct. A user should be able to tell at a glance precisely what they will find when they click on your ad. Round out the approach by making each ad’s landing page as appropriate as possible. If someone clicks on the “blouses” ad, they had better be brought to your stock.

Use Sitelinks and Extensions

Extensions and sitelinks are free to use and will give searchers more options for landing page destinations. This will end up boosting your quality score by improving the relevancy of your ads. To use the earlier example, if your ad is for “women’s apparel” in general, you could use sitelinks and extensions with options like “blouses,” “dresses,” “skirts,” “nightgown,” and such so that the relevancy of the ad can be enhanced.

Use Negative Keywords

Google’s AdWords can support what are known as “negative keywords.” While a normal keyword represents the terms and phrases you want to get noticed for, negative keywords are terms and phrases you don’t want your ad appearing with. Negative keywords can be set at the campaign level or at the level of individual ad groups and are especially useful when you opt for a “broad match” setting. By researching, identifying, and excluding the keywords least useful for your purposes, you can avoid inadvertently bidding on keywords that won’t help you maximize your ROI.

Use Product Ad Listings

A product ad listing is exactly what the name implies: an ad that uses direct product listings rather than ad text to attract clicks. Typically, a product ad listing will have a picture and name for each product as well as a clearly visible price. Not only is a product ad listing incredibly specific, it gives users the same experience as looking at a store shelf. This added convenience and information makes a click-through more likely. Due to how specific a product ad listing has to be, they are best used only for keyword phrases that express intent to purchase, like “buy footballs” or “shopping for blouses.”

Stay on Top of Reviews

Few things stay the same, especially anything related to consumer tastes or online marketing. Regular review of your paid campaigns, AdWord, and keywords is important to devise better and more efficient approaches. If you notice that a specific keyword that you like has a low quality score, experiment with changes and see what works. Looking at trends, finding what works, and learning what doesn’t work is all part of staying ahead of the game and ensuring the best ROI from your efforts.

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