What You Need to Know About PPC Scores

Perfect 10: The Importance of PPC Quality Scores and How They Work

Importance of PPC Quality ScoresBeing evaluated, graded, and judged often isn’t pleasant, but when it comes to running an online business, it’s necessary. If you’re performing PPC advertising, the Internet watchdogs will keep an eye on your activities and score you accordingly. This is an important note to remember, as you cannot keep up with online business trends otherwise. So to help you get better rankings through you PPC advertising, here’s a rundown on how PPC quality scores are determined.

How They Work

Scoring is done via Google AdWords, with a grade given to each PPC ad after it goes live. The better your score is, the higher your ad is ranked on Google and the lower your bids. However, there’s still the matter of how to get a high score and keep it. To determine your overall grade, AdWords considers four smaller scores based on different aspects of your ad, which are then combined for a final score. The four scores are as follows:

1.  Keyword Score

For your PPC advertising, make sure your keywords are high-performance and meet industry standards for what it is that you’re trying to advertise. Pay close attention to these factors and make sure your keywords maintain a high score. Your Google PPC account keeps records of keyword quality scores.

2.  Ad Score

The overall ad score is determined through your click-through rates and how well your ads perform, with the ad score and ranking visible on your Google AdWords analytics page. As far as PPC tips for this score go, a common piece of advice is to always test a minimum of three ads to see how well they perform and make adjustments to the keywords and content accordingly.

3.  Location Score

This sounds trivial, but remember that testing and determining where your conversions are coming from contributes to the ranking of your online ads. If you have to tinker with your location settings or examine your location reports more thoroughly, do so; your quality score will improve if you pay greater attention to the geographic data.

4.  Device Score

Your quality score also depends on how well your PPC advertising is performing on mobile devices. This is crucial, as so many companies nowadays are looking to boost sales via mobile devices. If your mobile results are poor—perhaps because you’ve only performed PPC optimization for the Internet and not mobile—then shut down your mobile operations and come back to them once you’re ready to make the appropriate changes to your PPC advertising.

It should also be noted that there are other factors that affect your quality score, such as your ad extensions and account quality. That said, you should still be sure to go over the above factors first.

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