Mobile Aid: Two Helpful Google PPC Programs

Mobile Aid: Two Helpful Google PPC Programs

Google PPC ProgramsAs the holiday season approaches, the media is rife with reports of mobile sales going through the roof. Two statistics have been used to explain this: that over half of consumers prefer to search out information via their mobile device and that over 30% of holiday shoppers will be using their mobile device to shop. This is your cue to implement a mobile PPC campaign if you haven’t already.

You may think it’s difficult to create a good PPC campaign. And while that may have been true before, businesses now have help, thanks to Google. The company is up-to-date on mobile e-commerce trends and has introduced some tools for businesses to use for it.

Location, Location, Location

The two apps, Google My Business (GMB) and Local Google Shopping (LGS), a component of Google Shopping, factor in location-related search trends to help companies use mobile PPC online ads to their advantage. These programs can display your ads to the right people, in addition to other useful features.

GMB helps companies better target a PPC strategy using Google AdWords. By linking your Google PPC material via AdWords to GMB, you are given data about where local people are clicking on your ads, allowing you to see where the response to your ads has been the strongest. This is especially useful if you have retail outlets for your company or want to be targeted by searchers in your local area

On the other hand, LGS is used for leveraging your presence. By providing your location info, searchers can find you and your locations more easily. If you’ve ever searched for a chain store on Google and get a map with all the locations highlighted, that’s likely LGS at work.

When the holidays begin, people want to know what their local options are in regards to both digital and brick-and-mortar stores. Both apps provide consumers with that information and access to your PPC promotions quickly.

Information Overload

Aside from adding location data into these programs, there are other pieces of information you can input to improve your PPC operations.

You can add specific company information, such as store hours and news about product lines, and rework your PPC optimization and keywords for individual ads that serve as promotion from each location. Segmenting specific PPC ads for each location and the subsequent analytics allow you to see which ads are proving to be the most successful.

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