Harnessing Pay-per-Click Marketing for Business Success

Harnessing Pay-per-Click Marketing for Business Success

You’ve stayed up nights, downed pot after pot of black coffee, read all the material, worked and worked in front of the glowing screen, and still nothing.

You can’t generate any success from the Internet; despite all your efforts, nothing.

Well, don’t feel bad. You certainly aren’t the only one and there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to use the Net to generate some success for yourself.

It’s hard to say, but, before the Internet, advertising and bringing prospective clients to your business might have been a little more cut and dry. There were agencies that knew something about it and had time-honed schemes to market your business. Then came the Internet and all the known rules and techniques in marketing and advertising were thrown into tailspin. People were—and still are—scrambling to truly get a hold on the Internet in terms of marketing.

But there is hope, especially now. Studies, research, and new tools are available to individual professionals to help them get going on the Internet, so they can market in the most contemporary medium possible.

Pay-per-click is one of those starting points. It goes under other guises—PPC, cost-per-click, etc. —but is the same thing. Developed over the last decade, pay-per-click helps business pros get started with online marketing in a way that is easy to understand and easier on their pocketbooks.

The ultimate goal of online advertising is to get traffic to your web site. Obviously there are a lot of people out there every second of the day searching the Internet for products, deals, and new items, so, as the business pro, you want those folks to get to your web site and check you out. That’s where pay-per-click comes in.

To get going on pay-per-click, you have to register with a search engine provider online. Google is the big boss of this, but other popular search engine sites like the Yahoo! and Microsoft sites offer online advertising provision as well. The one pay-per-click provider that everyone speaks of is Google AdWords, as it has a way to push online ads to the top, but more on that later.

After you create your account, you are going to have to compile keywords from your online ads that people will be using when make searches online about products like yours. You can input them as singular words or phrases. Phrases tend to be better and much more specific, so work to create two to four keyword phrases taken from your ad copy in your pay-per-click account.

Here’s the interesting part: you are allowed to make changes as you go to try and improve your traffic generation strategies. If your keywords aren’t working, you can change them. If you come up with better copy, you can put it on the online ad. Your goal is to get to the top of search engine searches. If you are familiar with Google and G-mail, you often notice ads at the top of your e-mail page or search engine displays. As mentioned earlier, Google AdWords allows you to try to manipulate your ad right to the top of any search. While it looks hard to do, you can work your online ads as you go to see how to get them to the top of a specific pay-per-click search.

Now, you are probably thinking that this sounds great, but what are the associated costs? These come when you start generating traffic. When potential clients start clicking on your ads and coming to your business online, you are billed the cost of each click. It’s a scheme taken from or similar to a percentage you might pay an agency to do some ad work for you. If people come to your web site, start clicking away to check you out and hopefully buy product, and you generate revenues, then you pay up. But if they don’t, you don’t pay. Hence pay-per-click. It’s fairly affordable and allows you to track online how well your online campaigns are working.

It never hurts to get some extra information on this, so in your spare time, get to the library or go online to research pay-per-click as much as possible. If you know another marketer who has had success at it, take them out for lunch and pick their brain a bit for help. Like most things in today’s computerized world, pay-per-click looks pretty fancy, but can be used for the success you want to generate. Get working and using pay-per-click now.

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