Try Google’s Unique Feature for Running New Experimental Campaigns

Google’s Unique Feature for Running New Experimental Campaigns

Experimental campaignEarlier this year, Google announced a drastic change in its AdWords Campaign Experiments module, stating that it would be replacing it with AdWords drafts and experiments instead. So far, this replacement has been met with positive reviews from advertisers and tech experts. As is always the case with new technological developments, there are some kinks that need to be worked out, but on the whole, the draft campaigns module has helped a few big-name clients track their advertising statistics. This allows advertisers to closely compare and contrast their original ads with the experimental ones.

Use Funds Effectively with the Help of AdWords Draft Campaign

The new campaign draft works by essentially allowing advertisers to create and evaluate two slightly different versions of the same ads within the same ad groups. The pre-existing ad remains live and unaffected, but you can create and edit a second draft of the same ad without pushing it to go live right away. Advertisers and employees alike can make the edits and then show the newer versions of the same ad to their coworkers and gain a consensus before permanently implementing the changes.

Of course, you need to increase your ad bids for whichever ad groups you are planning on testing and delineate those ad bids by splitting them between the live campaign and the draft. After an allotted period of time, the score sheet will determine which version of the ad campaign will have a more positive impact.

The AdWords control campaign drafts and experiments allows users to run beta tests of sorts and gain in-depth information of which advertising strategies render the best click-through rates for their company. AdWords control experiments make it easy to draw side-by-side comparisons between currently running live ads and their potentially improved versions. It is akin to conducting a live field test for an extended period of time. Advertisers can determine which methods, keywords, and sites are delivering the greatest results, and they can dedicate more of their financial resources towards improving in those areas.

Benefits of AdWords Draft Campaign

The main benefit of AdWords drafts and campaigns is that they allow the user to experiment with the changes they are making to the ads before actually making them go live.

The only risk involved with this is that the user has to increase their ad bid, but in the end, it may be worth it if it hinders them from using an ad that might not work in their favour. Plus, the user gets to designate a certain amount of time for which they want to run said experiment and just how much of their bid they want to use for the experiment itself. So, in reality, the risks of running AdWords a/b testing are very minimal. After all, in order to make money with advertising, you need to spend money as well. Otherwise, you will never know what works for your company and what does not.

Part of the experiment portion of AdWords drafts and experiments is that companies can also perform campaign experiments on their landing pages based on people’s relevant Google searches.

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