Get Specific: How to Target Your PPC Campaign for Maximum Success

Get Specific: How to Target Your PPC Campaign for Maximum Success

Target Your PPC Campaign for Maximum SuccessWhen it comes to using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you have to use it in a specific manner for your campaign to be successful. This is difficult for many online business professionals who find PPC confusing. However, once you get used to using PPC, there are steps you can take to improve its effectiveness; it just requires being specific.

Here are five tips for improving your PPC campaign by being more specific:

1.  Use Specific Keywords

It’s the oldest trick in the PPC strategy book, but it’s worth reiterating: if you’re going to be performing PPC advertising, you have to use specific keyword phrases in your advertising content. Single words won’t do. Test different keyword phrases to determine which will get the best responses for your business.

2.  Use Specific Vocabulary

Whether keywords or not, your PPC strategy and PPC optimization tactics require using the right language in your ads. Many businesses have found that using the right vocabulary generates better results; for example, “cell phones,” “smartphones,” and “iPhones,” while similar terms, are considered three different things. No matter what you’re selling, make sure you use the right words in your content to attract the kind of people who might be interested in your product(s).

3.  Use Specific Times

The time of day when you place your ad online is important. Choose a time when you will not only obtain the greatest amount of online search traffic, but will also save the most money. Note that online businesses tend to do have greater traffic at night, but they save more money when posting in the daytime. However, don’t forget to consider your target audience’s habits and when they may be most active.

4.  Use Specific Google AdWords Components

As daunting as Google AdWords can be, it contains programs that will help you improve your PPC strategy. Aside from the obvious analytics, there are other useful programs, such as a reviews extension that can display positive reviews you have received for your products or services within your PPC advertising.

5.  Use Specific External Programs

There are plenty of outboard, offline, or external PPC programs available as well. For example, a call tracking program can help you determine which ads are leading to calls from clients. These are just a couple of the potentially useful programs available, so if you want to get specific, start investigating which are the right ones for you.

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