Things You Need to Know about AdWords Editor Offline Tool

Everything You Need to Know about AdWords Editor Offline Tool

Adwords-editor-offline-toolIn 2006, Google introduced a very prolific addition to its AdWords tool known as AdWords Editor, and in 2011, it updated it so that users can make bulk AdWords edits offline and then upload the changes to their various online campaigns later on. After creating the program, the next palpable step was to integrate offline editing, which greatly improves the overall productivity of having a Google AdWords account in the first place.

Unique Benefits of AdWords Editor Offline Tool

Among some of the benefits of the Google AdWords Editor offline tool is that multiple employees can simultaneously edit the same paid campaigns without contradicting or interrupting one another.

The ad management offline tool gives employees the opportunity to make changes without necessarily implementing them right away, which allows them to obtain approval from their supervisors before uploading the changes. It is akin to making suggestions while offline and then sharing these suggestions with coworkers, giving them the chance to peruse the changes before deciding if they will be posted. The AdWords campaign management process is a group effort and everyone involved becomes liable for the rendered results.

Another useful aspect of the AdWords Editor offline tool is that you can manage multiple campaigns at the same time and make bulk edits in AdWords by using several windows to view each one simultaneously. The AdWords Editor Keyword tool can be used in a separate window from the corresponding campaign you are working on so that you can view your keywords and conveniently make changes in side-by-side windows. This way, you can also edit and make changes to your Google ad groups without having to switch back and forth between ad campaigns. The Google AdWords Editor will immediately notify you if there are any discrepancies or duplicate keywords, and it will automatically remove them for you.

How to Do Bulk Edits on AdWords Editor Tool

As the number of paid campaigns in your Google AdWords account increases, you can continue to improve upon your AdWords bid strategy for each campaign and consult with your fellow employees about how to do so.

In the same way that a single user can make multiple changes to several Google AdWords accounts, different employees have the power to make changes at the same time as well as long as they have access. With the offline editing tool, users can preview the changes they make to their Google ad groups and upload the edited versions at a later date if they choose or discard them altogether. Of course, you can also work on individual ads one by one if that is what you prefer. There are numerous ad management methods right at your fingertips with the AdWords Editor offline tool.

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