Device-Based AdWords Campaigns for Small Business Owners

How Device-Based AdWords Campaigns Can Improve Small Businesses

device targeting AdWords campaignsAs advertisers are aware, Google is always taking meticulous measures to improve upon its AdWords program to benefit companies with their online ads as much as possible. Most recently, it has taken the risky leap of transforming the online advertising program to include device-based AdWords campaigns.

The reality is that Google is actually backtracking with this change because when AdWords originally launched, it was already running on a device-based protocol of sorts until it was switched to what is known as AdWords Enhanced Campaign. This worked well for a little while when desktops were the main source of increased PPC rates. But, in recent years, the use of desktops as the main device for online purchases has declined exponentially. Hence, advertisers have begun requesting that Google reformulate its AdWords system to allow them to activate device-based bidding instead.

Google listened to the overwhelming number of requests, and the results are yet to be seen because the truth is that this change is optional for advertisers and whether it is necessary for every business is very subjective.

How to Create a Device Targeting AdWords Campaign

One of the perks of this adjustment is that you have the option of choosing whether and how you want to actually utilize it. If you do not feel that a more mobile or tablet-based form of advertising will positively impact your business at all, then you do not have to do anything. But, it might be worth at least considering this change and exploring the new settings just so that you are aware of your options.

With the device-targeting AdWords, you have the option of increasing your AdWords device bidding in favour of one or more devices of your choosing. That includes mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Keep in mind that over the past three years, statistics have shown that conversion rates from mobile devices have gradually increased and even surpassed that of the desktop, whereas the numbers for tablets have pretty much remained the same. The fact is that most online consumers these days tend to make their online purchases or conduct their research using their mobile devices or tablets. Sometimes, they might convert to completing purchases on their desktop computers or laptops because of easier readability and a larger screen size (but again, this is very subjective).

A device-based AdWords campaign could benefit your business if you conduct most of your business online because most people these days are constantly on the go and would rather complete transactions swiftly and conveniently on their mobile devices. Plus, with the new advancements, you can make use of expanded text ads, and device-based bidding, which allows you to allocate higher bids to the devices of your choice and reinvent your online advertising presence. If you do not find any of these changes beneficial after testing them out, you can always revert back to your old tried and true methods of advertising.

Measuring Successful Conversions in Device-Based AdWords Campaigns

This new feature also gives PPC advertisers the ability to measure how their new settings are performing across multiple ad campaigns by allowing users to activate AdWords browser targeting and engaging AdWords to target specific operating systems as well. These adjustments are perfect for helping advertisers reach their niche targets online more seamlessly through the use of AdWords enhanced campaigns and provide them with greater control of their AdWords campaign management techniques.

The new AdWords settings also allow for carrier targeting, which means that advertisers can even more closely adhere to specific clientele and online markets. Through the use of AdWords device reporting, advertisers can even track the results of each of their AdWords device bid adjustments to see how each device-based campaign is performing. These numbers will help advertisers determine which ads are producing the best results and on which devices they are most prominent.

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