How to Detect and Avoid PPC Fraud

How to Detect and Avoid PPC Fraud

How to Detect and Avoid PPC FraudWith the proliferation of PPC advertising, fraud has become a growing concern—and something you can’t allow to happen to you and your operations. Here are some ways to detect and avoid fraud in relation to your online business’ PPC.

Read Over Everything

Maybe you have a Google AdWords account, are using AdSense, or you’re employing PPC management services. Regardless of your tools, make sure you are knowledgeable about the related practices and protocols. The more you know, the better you will be at using them.

Run a Search

While PPC is meant to be an individual activity, many succeed by copying others, such as by setting up false accounts in someone else’s name and reaping the benefits of that person’s clicks. Occasionally perform searches for your business to make sure it’s only your business that’s benefiting from your PPC.

Examine the Numbers

If you’ve correctly implemented PPC optimization, your numbers will reflect that. However, if the numbers grow astronomically, then you need to examine if someone is using your name. If numbers spike unexpectedly, this means something is happening that could get you into trouble.

Refresh Your PPC

On a related note, if you fear being copied, refresh your PPC optimization with new keywords regularly. Keep records of these updates so if there is an issue, you can prove your legitimacy.

Seek Assistance

If you’ve got any doubts about your PPC, don’t be afraid to get help. Having a skilled PPC specialist examine your work or reading up on current PPC practices will help ensure your PPC’s functionality.

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