Taking the Risk on Brand Keywords

A Key Gamble: Bidding on Brand Keywords

Risk on Brand KeywordsThere are a lot of controversial marketing techniques where their effectiveness is still in question. Brand marketing using bids on brand keywords is one of those techniques. Many say that  brand keywords, specifically for your own brand, are too expensive to warrant the number of the clicks.

While there is some truth to this, there are some valuable uses for bidding on brand keywords. Consider the following:

1. Better Click-Throughs

You’re using PPC in your online efforts to get click-throughs. And with brand-based keywords, you target your market and client base more directly while reaching the target audience for your products, services, or information. This leads to better click-through rates and a greater return on investment from your PPC campaign.

2. More Competitive Keyword Segments

People often misspell words and phrases used in searches; you should be ready for this. Bidding on branded keywords allows you to incorporate all variations of your brand keyword phrases into your queries so that if someone uses poor spelling, your ads will still match their searches.

3. Overall Higher Rankings

When it comes to SEO vs. PPC, using brand keywords is great because they can actually target both. Ads with the branded keywords always seem to rank highest in both organic and paid searches because people are searching for something specific. Since you’re working specific to the brands, you’ll be able to place at the top of searches in both cases.

4. Lower Costs and Longer Test Times

Your PPC strategy will cost you money and you’ll want to minimize target costs for conversion. Bidding on brand keywords and phrases facilitates a lower cost and allows for longer optimization ad tests. Since you aren’t trying to cover so much of a single industry using topics, keyword phrases, and ideas, staying brand-specific will allow you to save campaign funds and test more ads.

5. An Advantage Over the Competition

If you don’t bid on your brand keywords, you’re essentially leaving the gate open for the competition to get in. In instances that you don’t utilize brand keywords, customers that do a search using your brand’s related keywords will instead see the competition in the higher ranked search results. You simply can’t afford to not bid on brand keywords, even if only from time to time, as they put you right at the top of searches and in a competitive position.

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