Benefits of a Remarketing List—Getting the Most Out of Your Search Campaigns

Benefits of a Remarketing List—Getting the Most Out of Your Search Campaigns

Remarketing List for PPC CampaignsFor businesses that want to optimize their search campaigns, remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) can offer greater results.

Typically, less than five percent of people who view your web site will end up making a purchase. Often, consumers will look at multiple web sites when they are looking to make a purchase, deciding between a variety of competitors. As well, many customers may have an interest in a business’s services but are not yet fully committed to making a purchase.

RLSA allows businesses to target consumers who are in that important decision-making stage, as well as those who have shown a proven interest in their product, services, or company. Using RSLA, businesses can deliver highly targeted campaigns to those consumers most likely to make a purchase.

What Is a Remarketing List for Search Ads?

Remarketing lists for search ads are a feature offered by Google AdWords that allows businesses to target people who have already viewed their web site.

Traditional marketing campaigns, including those online, can often return low conversion rates as they reach a lot of people who would never have an interest in your business. On the other hand, RLSA allows businesses to specifically target those individuals who have already viewed their web site and shown an interest in a product or service.

Using RLSA, businesses can create paid ads, tailor bids, and choose keywords for targeted campaigns directed at people who have previously visited their site. RLSA offers businesses a wide range of functions and customization options that can be used to create highly effective ads. For instance, a business can display a different ad to people who have visited their web site or placed an item in the site’s shopping cart.

Benefits of RLSA

When it comes to PPC campaigns, there are many advantages to using RLSA.

Bid High on the Keywords That Are Being Triggered by Your Traffic

With RLSA, you can bid higher on keywords searched by people who view your web site, ensuring a higher average position. If you are working in a competitive industry and have a smaller marketing budget, it can be difficult to compete or gain high rankings/positions. By focusing on a smaller segment of potential customers, you can bid more aggressively on specific keywords that can return better results.

Tailor-Made Ad Copies and Landing Pages as Per Users’ Interests

With RLSA, businesses have greater customization options, which allows for campaigns that are highly specified and can target certain segments of consumers. Using RLSA, businesses can create different landing pages and advertisements for different types of users. For instance, ads can be customized based on what parts of a site a user has visited (e.g. different ads based on whether a user visited the “computer” or “smartphone” section of a web site). By making ads based on users’ preferences and interests, businesses can have highly effective campaigns.

Choose Your Own Target Audience

For whatever reason, you may want to focus on a specific target audience. For instance, you may have noticed that customers who visit one part of your web site are more likely to make purchases. By using RLSA, businesses can create highly targeted ad campaigns for specific audiences, focusing on the individuals who are more likely to return sales and lead to increased profit. However, RLSA also allows businesses to exclude specific audiences through the use of “negative lists.” This means that if a business has found one type of user to be less likely to make purchases, they can focus their marketing on more profitable target audiences.

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