Ad Scheduling For Boosting Your PPC Campaign Performance

How Ad Scheduling Can Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

Ppc campaign performanceGoogle Adwords has a very useful feature called ad scheduling which can either be extremely beneficial or detrimental to your PPC campaign depending on how you use it. A good Adwords performance enhancing tip is to determine the best and worst times to schedule your Adwords ads through a short trial and error period.

When Not to Use an Ad Schedule

Knowing when to avoid using an ad schedule usually depends on the nature of your business and when your peak hours are. If your business has multiple locations in different time zones, but your main operation is in one specific location, then it is ill-advised to use ad scheduling. Restricted hours can be a huge setback for a business of this kind because Google does not allow you to run the same ad at different times or across multiple time zones. To do this, you would have to create multiple Adwords accounts for the same business, which could hinder your PPC performance. In this particular case, it makes more sense to completely avoid the ad schedule tab and just make your ads available all the time so that both national and international customers can view them any time.

Schedule Your Ads When You Are Available

In contrast, it is also important to know when to schedule ads as well. If you own a local business, you should consider scheduling adwords ads outside of your peak business hours. This will help to increase the action during times when your sales numbers are especially slow. In doing so, you will ultimately improve your business’s PPC campaign and widen your online marketing and advertising credentials as well.

Control Adwords Campaign During Low-Response Periods

For the first month or so, it is sensible to have an unlimited Adwords ad schedule so that you can track the peak searching times for the keywords in your PPC campaign. Within this time, you should be able to collect sufficient data to show when you should schedule Adwords ads based on your conversion rates and ad expenditures. You should restrict your ad scheduling during low response periods. Controlling your Adwords campaign in this way will improve your overall PPC performance and also help save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Bid Higher During Peak Times and Target Location

Once you have established your peak search hours and days, you can bid higher for those coveted time slots so that your ad overshadows those of your competitors. Using your location bid modifiers will increase your ad’s visibility significantly during your peak times.

Identify a Better Conversion Rate for Weekdays

Adwords lets you track your weekday conversion rates and this information can help improve your PPC performance if you only schedule your Adwords ads when you know for sure they will be seen by prospective customers. For most business, their peak hours are usually during the week so your best bet is to jump on the time slots that show the most action during that time.

Analyze Your Campaign Regularly

Analytics and data are the cornerstones of intelligent money-making and saving business practices. Analyze your PPC campaign regularly in order to account for unexpected rises and falls in figures. You should investigate what is causing these changes and how they affect your prospects. For instance, if there is a special event or occasion that is slowing down your PPC performance on a particular Wednesday afternoon, you should try to find out what it is so that you can prepare for it next time. Or, if there is a specific event or holiday that might increase your PPC campaign’s standing, then it is definitely worth looking into it.

Why You Should Schedule Ads

Once you have completed the research aspect of why and when you should schedule ads, it all boils down to one simple thing: numbers. You know your business inside and out and you know your target clientele. Now, you also know when they are going online and searching for a business like yours. The only plausible next step is to use this information to your advantage and further your business by advertising at the right times in order to attract more customers. Otherwise, your business will inevitably fail.

Let Us Show You How to Schedule Your Ads on Google

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