How Ad Extensions Can Improve Online Conversions

How Ad Extensions Can Improve Online Conversions

ad-extensionsOnline ads are the bread and butter of obtaining new customers for businesses and, by association, ad extensions are the icing on top of the virtual cake for successful advertising. That is why Google Adwords is the best online tool for businesses to use when optimizing their online ads. It allows advertisers to utilize search engine optimization to their advantage and improve their online conversion rates through clever online marketing tactics that also increase the click-through rate (CTR). Of course, Google Adwords has specific stipulations for the use of ad extensions in order to make them more useful to online advertisers.

How to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) with Sitelink Extension

The sitelink extension in Google Adwords allows advertisers to include additional information below the text that will help them stand out from their competitors on the Google SERP (search engine results page). For example, the traditional Google search result might simply show the name of company with a link to its web site and a few keywords that the potential customer was searching for. This method of online marketing is only marginally effective. Using the sitelink extension, however, can exponentially increase the impressions of the click-through rate on your business’s web site due to the extra information they provide to potential customers. It allows the advertiser to establish a strong connection with the potential customer by providing a direct link to the content the customer was searching for on its web site. However, keep in mind that, ultimately, Google Adwords has the final say in terms of how much information is displayed in each text ad and ad extension, and this can vary from one search results page to another.

Target Audience with the Location Extension

Local businesses can benefit greatly from using the location extension in Google Adwords because it is specifically designed to make it more convenient for customers to find businesses that are in close proximity to them. As long as the advertiser sets up the location extension according to all of Google’s requirements, the address of the business will appear below the text ad. Including the directions in the location extension will also help to increase the web site’s CTR. Multiple addresses can also be incorporated in the same location extension. The goal of the location extension is to help customers physically find your business which will, in the long run, help increase foot traffic; however, this is not necessarily useful for businesses that strictly operate online.

Get More Out of Your Ads with the Callout Extension

The callout extension allows the advertiser to display the different types of services its company offers within the text ad itself. This can help increase the conversion rate a lot faster because it allows customers to determine which service they are most interested in and then go directly to that content. The callout extension can also be optimized for mobile users so that when they click onto the callout link from their mobile devices, it will take them directly to the content they are looking for. The key to increase the click-through rate is to ensure the material presented in the callout extension is unique and original enough to set the company’s ad apart from the ads of its competitors. Customers are not interested in information they have already found elsewhere, and they will be disappointed if that is what they are getting from your business’ web site. They want something new and original, which is what they should be offered in the callout extension. To ensure you are making the best possible use out of all of the abovementioned ad extensions, make sure you do your research and find out what your target clientele wants the most from your company.

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