5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile PPC Campaign

5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile PPC Campaign

5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile PPC CampaignMany online businesses struggle with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising—a problem that has only become more difficult with the introduction of mobile platforms. But it doesn’t have to be this difficult, as there are ways to simplify and improve your mobile PPC practices:

1.  Examine Google PPC

Google Adwords has changed again, which means you will need to refamiliarize yourself with the service. Adwords now contains options such as mobile-preferred ads, as well as other features designed to help you use and develop your PPC advertising specifically designed for mobile apps.

2.  Modify Your Bids

You probably know about the bidding system from your regular PPC efforts. However, you may not have known that mobile PPC apps have exclusive bid options that can increase your bids as much as 300%. You will likely need to do a lot of testing to see how to best set your bids, but it will definitely expand your options as a PPC manager.

3.  See Who’s Responding Where

Client location is a vital part of any PPC strategy. That’s why any attempt at PPC optimization should include improving the geographic settings of your PPC advertising. Like with modifying your bid rates, perform testing to determine where you get the greatest conversion rates. While location might not seem important in regards to mobile devices, the fact is that information about the response from certain locations will allow you to optimize your PPC—and your profits.

4.  Determine Display Times

Again, consider how time affects PPC. You likely have set times for when PPC advertising is displayed in order to maximize conversions and lower the cost per impression (CPI), and this is no different for mobile devices. Through testing, you will find that there are specific times that your mobile PPC will perform better than others.

5.  Account for Differences

It probably goes without saying, but your PPC must be customized for mobile devices. Many PPC pages and ads don’t display or function correctly on mobile devices, so you have to alter your mobile PPC content accordingly; more testing will be required.

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