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Paid Digital Marketing

If your website is making it to the first page of search engine results, this may be due to your effective search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

Digital Marketing

Paid digital marketing is the fastest-expanding opportunity for business growth. Your potential and existing customers are used to seeing paid ads and paid media onlineon information web sites, social media web sites, and various mobile apps. They see adswhen they:

  • Search online and view Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search results. These ads are from Google Ads(AdWords) or Bing Ads.
  • Use their favourite smartphone app or visit their favourite web site. These are paid ads and paid media (advertorials) that are distributed by various adtech systems including search engine display networks.
  • Use social media sites or apps. Users can engage with ads in their feeds on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Visit an online retailer like Amazon. Amazon ads are related to the category of products they are researching.
  • Visit visual media sites like YouTube and Pinterest. Here, users can see a video or rich image ads.
Paid Digital Marketing

How Is Paid Digital Marketing Different from Organic Digital Marketing?

In paid digital marketing, there is a clear upfront cost to show your business and offers on the various paid media channels. The cost is usually dynamic and calculated based on various factors. These include competition for the ad placement, whether it is in search results, in social media news feeds, or on various third-party web sites.

Organic digital marketing channels do not require payment to target users, but they do take time and effort. Learn more about organic digital marketing here.

How Can Your Business Grow and Benefit from Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns?

New businesses can get quick and scalable visibility, leads, and sales using paid digital marketing effectively. This is especially true when the business does not yet have a sound digital presence that can organically gain leads or customers.

Established businesses can improve the efficiency of their lead acquisition and sales for their services or products. They can properly time and place their offers via effective advertisements and complement their organic efforts. They can also effectively scale to reach their business growth objectives.

Paid Digital Marketing

Why Are Paid Digital Marketing Channels so Effective?

There are three important factors that make paid digital marketing highly effective.

Precise targeting

Paid digital channels are highly capable of precisely identifying your target market. They can show potential customers your ads at the right place and at the right time. This allows you to effectively gain new and repeat customers

Audience retargeting

Most of the paid channels also allow retargeting by building a target audience of highly relevant people. These are visitors who have engaged with your business on your web site, another web site, by e-mail, or on social media.

Building new relevant audiences

Some paid channels even help you to build similar audiences using the already built target audience. This can help you rapidly accelerate your business growth when done right.

There are three important factors that make paid digital marketing highly effective.

Learn More About the Paid Digital Marketing Resources We Target and Our Related Solutions.

The digital marketing resources we help you target include:

Search engine advertising

We help you gain quick visibility and effective conversions on Google Ads(AdWords) and Bing Ads on their pay-per-click (PPC) search channel.

Paid media advertising

We help you gain visibility and growth from search engine display advertising on various third-party web sites, as well as advertising on YouTube using Google Ads.

Social media advertising

We help you build and target the right audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various other social channels.

Ad display networks

We can further your reach by targeting various other ad display networks that show ads on third-party web sites and mobile apps.

E-commerce advertising

Advertising your products using Amazon advertising, as well as Google Ads and Bing Ads-based product display advertising.

We help our customers by setting up the campaigns in the above-mentioned channels that support a variety of ad display parameters, including:

Ad types

The various ad types supported include text, video, and rich images.

Ad sizes and devices

The ads are displayed in various sizes, including responsive designs, which work on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Native ads

Some ads show as native ads when third-party publishers opt to use the native ad format. This format shows ads with design elements closely matching the published page.

The paid digital marketing solutions are planned and executed while taking into consideration your business, your target audience, the best-aligned channels, and your budget. We closely monitor the effectiveness of your paid digital marketing campaigns daily. The goal is to ensure the best return on investment is maintained while achieving your business growth targets.

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