• Director, Marketing
    Adrian Newman
    Director, Marketing
  • Manager, Digital Design and Development
    Carolyn Fortune
    Manager, Digital Design and Development

    Passionate about providing creative and engaging digital project solutions for our clients while ensuring that budget and timeline are met… and kayaking.

  • Managing Editor
    Wendy Potter
    Managing Editor

    Wendy Potter, managing editor, has been with Lombardi Publishing for over 11 years. Of course, being in the publishing industry, Wendy is in love with the written word, but she is also passionate about animal rescue/welfare, beach volleyball, and live music.

  • Account Services Representative
    Elena Nicosia
    Account Services Representative

    “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

  • Editorial Coordinator
    Stephanie Sinopoli
    Editorial Coordinator

    Storyteller, writer and bookworm. Aspiring Traveller. Trivia Master. Cooking Novice. Chronic Over-thinker.

  • Digital Media Executive
    Marco Reuter
    Digital Media Executive
  • Web Developer
    Jason Lawson-Whittaker
    Web Developer

    Party hard, programs harder.

  • Graphic Designer
    Andrew Thompson
    Graphic Designer

    Addicted to pop culture. Inspired by colour. Obsessed with typography.