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Organic Digital Marketing

Your customers are online-searching, socializing, reading, watching, and sharing. Are they seeing your business, your services, or your products at the right time and in the right place?

Organic Digital Marketing Helps Your Customers Find Your Business When They:

  • Search for a solution to their question or problem on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and see your web site in the search results.
  • Search for related media (graphical or video information) in media search engines like Google image search and YouTube.
  • Discuss on social media platforms with their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and see your content or business mentioned on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Research information online to get a solution on authoritative blogs, forums, or other related web sites and see your content referred to or linked to.

What Do We Mean by Organic Digital Marketing?

Organic digital marketing is marketing that uses free traffic resources and owned content to grow your business’ visibility to relevant potential customers on these resources.

What Are these Free Digital Marketing Resources?

The resources we target do not explicitly charge a fee for businesses to build visibility on them. But time and effort are required to gain visibility on these resources.

Organic Digital Marketing

Learn More about the Free Digital Marketing Resources We Target & Our Related Solutions

Search engines crawl, index, analyze, and rank your content. Examples include Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and media search engines like YouTube. You can gain more visibility in search engines using search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO best practices. Learn more about how SEO helps your business

Social media properties allow you to build your business profile, publish, and share content and allow you to network. Popular ones include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can gain a foothold on social media with proper social media profile setup and optimization a.k.a. SMO, along with the regular posting of useful information and networking. Learn more about how SMO contributes to business growth

Blogs and syndication sites are willing to share your content, some for free with proper attribution. Learn more about the importance of content marketing for growing your presence online by reaching out to more audiences on other web sites.

Topically related web sites are willing to add your business profile for free and/or link to your web site pages and content. Depending on your business category, these can include association web sites, your niche social web sites, forum web sites, and discussion groups. Learn more about like acquisitionand its importance for better search and referral traffic.

What Is Owned Content?

Owned content is print media, digital text, and graphics, as well as digital video and audio content that you own and that we can use for organic digital marketing. This can be:

  • Your marketing collateral, both print and digital
  • Web site content written by your business resources, including articles, blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers
  • Visual media that your business owns, such as photos, graphics, presentations, PDFs, ebooks, podcasts, and other audio and video content
  • Data that you have acquired as part of your business process and have ownership of; e.g. from your lead generation, mobile app, aggregated customer data, etc.

The organic digital marketing solution takes into consideration your business, your target audience, and your owned content. We also offer content marketing services, which provide guidance on building up your owned content and media organically. This then feeds back into growing your business visibility, using the organic digital marketing solutions mentioned above, and boosting business growth using paid digital marketing solutions.

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