Live Video Streaming: The Latest Online Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Live Video Streaming: The Latest Online Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

online marketing for small businessOne of the biggest online marketing strategies in 2016 is the rise of live video streaming. Online, marketing trends move quickly, and businesses have to keep on top of current trends. Video has been used in online marketing for years with sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo being popular. But now there is a new dimension to online video: live streaming.

With live video streaming, businesses can stream video in real time to their social media fans and users. Facebook and Periscope both allow for live video streaming to audiences. There are many advantages to using live streaming.

Marketing Benefits of Live Video Streaming

There are a lot of live video benefits for small business owners and online marketers.

More Intimate Interaction

Live video streaming allows you to create a more intimate connection with viewers. When people watch your video in real time, they feel that they are a part of the interaction as opposed to someone passively viewing a pre-recorded video. As well, live video streaming allows you to respond or react to viewers’ comments in real time and better engage with your audience.

Better Visibility

Live video streaming can also increase your brand’s visibility. First, live video is more of an “event,” and viewers will tune in to witness it. As well, social media sites like Facebook prioritize live video, sticking it at the top of social media users’ newsfeeds. Using live streaming is a great way to get in front of more eyes and raise brand awareness.

Greater Control over Content

With live video streaming, online marketers have more tools and options available to them. For instance, they can host live Q&A sessions, record current events, or do interactive video tutorials. Videos can be any length and feature any type of content.

Examples of How Local Businesses Can Use Live Videos

There are many different ways that live videos can be used for online marketing for small business owners. The great thing about broadcasting live is that there are types of videos that you could not do otherwise.

For instance, to attract a large audience, you can do live giveaways or contests, turning your video into an “event” for which people want to tune in. Another way to best utilize the live streaming format is by doing a live seminar, tutorial, or product demonstration, where viewers can submit feedback in real time.

Live streaming is also great for capturing current events. For instance, if you’re having a product launch or if there is an event at your company, streaming this live can be a great way to capture viewers while a pre-recorded video after the fact may not generate as much interest.

Finally, regular types of videos—such as comedy videos, interview videos, and vlogs—can all be broadcast live, attracting a larger audience than they would otherwise.

Live Video Roadblocks

With any type of online marketing, there are drawbacks as well as advantages. When a business chooses to use live video streaming, there are some things that need to be considered and taken into account to ensure a successful broadcast.

Everything Is Live

When broadcasting live, everything recorded is going out to viewers in real time. You cannot edit anything after the fact, and any mistakes or unforeseen events will be streamed to your viewers. When using live video, you have to accept that not everything may work out the way you intend.

Technical Issues

With live video, it’s very important to ensure that you have a strong Internet connection and no connectivity issues. If you don’t, then your live video could end up failing partway through or not transmitting properly.

Presentation Ability

When hosting a video live, it helps to be relaxed, confident, and able to respond to things on the fly. People who rely on preparation, planning, and practicing may not be well-suited to live video broadcasts.

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