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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Slow Down Your SEO Now

Dear All
As the year winds down, most people get into “Holiday Mode.”
They’re pre-occupied with their shopping lists, they’re going to parties, they’re planning vacations, or they’ve simply started to wind down and coast a bit until the New Year.
But with web marketing, coasting in December could mean disaster come January.
When you stop or slow down your SEO efforts, your organic search rankings will naturally start to decrease.
That’s probably not surprising to you because like anything, once you stop working on it, the results will stop too.
Look at SEO for your web site like going to the gym. If you decide to take a couple of days off, it’s not a problem. You won’t see any noticeable repercussions. But take a month off, two months, three months, or more, and you’ll definitely see negative effects with your body.
Same goes with SEO and your web site. If you stop adding relevant content to your site and optimizing your pages to rank higher, you might not see an immediate downturn in your rankings.
But neglect that optimization for a long period of time (a few weeks), and you’ll see your rankings start to fall.
That’s just one reason to keep your SEO going during the holidays. Another reason is that, just like going to the gym, it’s a lot harder to start back up again after you stop.
Ramping up an SEO program from scratch takes a lot of planning, execution, and results-tracking. This is an ongoing process that builds your reputation within Google. This constant work is to maintain and improve your search rankings.
But when you stop SEO, your rankings don’t just hold where they are.
They start to fall and it gets tougher to get back up again.
Imagine climbing a mountain. You’re near the top but you decide to take a break. You get tired and then you fall down the mountain, back to the bottom. All that hard work to climb is now gone, and you have to start all over again. Sure, you now know a little about the mountain to know how to climb it, but overall, it’s going to take you almost the same amount of time and effort to get back to where you once were.
It’s no different for SEO. Stop now and you’re basically going to “fall down the mountain.”
Which leads me to the third reason not to stop SEO during the holidays:
Your competition will keep going.
Falling down the mountain is one thing. Falling down while others continue to climb is another.
If you are in a competitive marketplace, then you need to keep your SEO campaigns running at full speed to prevent your competitors from leapfrogging you.
A lot of companies, in fact, will increase their SEO efforts during the holidays to specifically take advantage of their competition who may be slowing down.
So, using all of my previous metaphors, if you plan on climbing a mountain to get to the top first, then you better keep training at the gym, and don’t stop, or all of the other climbers will pass you!
It’s not too late to keep ramping up your SEO. Contact your Numero Uno account representative today to see how we can keep you climbing the “Google Mountain” while your competitors watch you succeed.
Best regards,
Adrian Newman
Managing Director
Numero Uno Web Solutions
P.S. From our families to yours, we wish you a healthy and Happy Holidays!

About Adrian Newman, BA

President, Numero Uno Web Solutions

Adrian has been in the performance marketing industry for over 25 years and is the co-founder of Numero Uno Web Solutions.

Adrian has been involved in virtually every facet of direct and digital marketing from copywriting and graphic design to database management and production.

A BA graduate of York University, Adrian has volunteered as a mentor with his alma mater's Career Mentorship Program for students with disabilities and has been a director for public real estate investment trust.