5 Reasons why your site should be optimized for mobile

Top 5 Advantages of a Mobile Optimized Web Site

Mobile Optimized Web SiteBy now you should have clued in that mobile consumption isn’t a wave of the future, it’s happening right now. And it’s actually just a reflection of the times we live in. People are on the move constantly. Freelancers are becoming more prevalent which means less work is being done from an office desktop. Millennials are all about smartphones and tablets. And considering they are the “now” generation and soon-to-be leading consumers, they need to be catered to big-time.

With that said, it’s about time to get your web site fully optimized for mobile. Let’s analyze a few stats to show just how powerful mobile is at the moment. A recent L2 report showed that close to 70% of worldwide consumers between ages 18-39 earning incomes up to $99,000 use smartphones to research products. 40% of all the time spent watching TV online happens on a smart device. Close to 70% of consumers prefer to buy from a mobile-friendly site and nearly 80% say that if they don’t find what they are looking for on one site, they will navigate to another. In the U.S, mobile digital media now exceeds desktops at 51% usage compared to 42% respectively.

If you need any more convincing, we’ll discuss five major reasons why your site should be optimized for mobile.

It’s Better for Business

We’ve established that consumers are using their smartphones at alarmingly high rates. If you can optimize your site to cater to these consumers who are constantly browsing for places to go, things to buy, where to eat lunch, ideas, concepts, and whatever else they can imagine, you will inherently earn more business.

Google is Watching

Google made it clear back in late April that they will favour sites that are geared towards mobile. And if the number one search engine (by far) on the internet makes that statement, you better listen. Google goes as far as expecting a URL that is unique for mobile without penalizing the duplicate content.

Shorter Load Times

Consumers in today’s day and age won’t wait more than a couple seconds for your page to load. It’s the simple reality. Load times matter and they matter even more on mobile when people are typically not stationary. They are looking for answers when they browse. And if you’re site is slow in producing those answers, consumers will just move on to the next one.

User Experience Matters

We touched on this a little bit in the last point, but mobile-friendly sites still need to focus strongly on User Experience (UX). Users need to feel confident that they are receiving solid content, can navigate seamlessly from page to page, and can perform all of the actions (like ordering a product or signing up for a newsletter) without any issues. There are just too many options out there for consumers to put up with poor UX.

You Have the Competitive Advantage

If you are thinking directly in terms of business, when a consumer has a productive, enjoyable experience on your site and is able to accomplish everything they set out to do, then you win. Especially when they aren’t able to make those same claims on your competitor’s mobile site. Being mobile-friendly gives you the competitive edge that’s necessary in all markets.

We are passed the point where an optimized mobile site is an option. Numero Uno Web Solutions designs all of our clients’ web sites under the premise that they will be accessed through mobile at some point, which is more than likely a fact. We understand responsive design, catering to SEO, and all other benefits related to developing a mobile-friendly web site.