7 Mobile Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Mobile Marketing Trends For 2016

Mobile Marketing TrendsThis year was the first year in which mobile Internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic. This trend is not expected to change in 2016, and it represents a fundamental shift in how people use their devices and access online information. It is a shift that businesses need to prepare to stay on top of if they want to stay competitive on a search engine optimization (SEO) level. Business owners need to be clever with how they approach their customers. Mobile devices represent a plethora of different means of increasing brand awareness and breadth.

Come 2016, emerging trends in mobile marketing are going to solidify and progress. Be prepared for these opportunities so you can stay ahead of the competition.

More than Search Results

Google has already begun to display videos in some search results. This is usually only in response to queries related to media or YouTube videos, but experimentation with this methodology is occurring for video ads as well. These could be short clips, Vines, or other methods of advanced advertising. Similarly, apps are starting to pop up in search results as well, and mobile devices are the perfect place to see and act on such findings. Whether these practices will catch on with customers is still up in the air, but you should at least start thinking ahead and considering the possibilities if they do.

Enhanced UI and UX

There is still a lot of research being done on how customers use their mobile devices. The way people look at their screens, hold their smartphones, flick, tap, and more are all being looked into as part of the drive to discover optimal user interface (UI) configurations to enhance user experience (UX). This improved understanding of mobile search and browsing habits will lead to more search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly web design and even customization options that could rearrange a page based on the device someone is using as well as on their personal habits.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) apps have become increasingly prevalent and they are only going to continue growing in use. These allow mobile users to take pictures or videos of their surroundings, which then trigger certain functions and unlock content. Quick response (QR) codes are a basic example, but others include scanning regular barcodes for personalized coupons to receive bits of a story, or even access games or other media. AR is still a growing field, but it promises to be an exciting way for businesses to reach out to and be a larger part of customers’ lives.

Deep Linking

Deep linking is a growing part of mobile searches that links to a specific web page rather than the homepage. Using deep linking allows those who search for a product to be directed to the specific product’s page rather than the company or store’s generic homepage. These links can form through social media as well. As companies start to incorporate more searchable information—location, hours, prices, services, etc.—they create a series of elements and key terms that can be mixed and matched to enhance search precision and deliver more targeted page content.

Videos in Social Media

The ability to use GIFs and short videos in advertising is going to increase as these features become more interlinked with social media. Information that would be difficult to deliver in a 140-character tweet could instead be sent out as a 15-second video (15 seconds is currently considered the optimal length since it’s long enough to get a message across but short enough to hold attention) or a popular GIF.


One of the consequences of the proliferation of customer data is that it is easier than ever for algorithms to crunch the numbers and find the optimal ways to interact with customers. These sophisticated bundles of code can find the best times and methods to deliver your message as well as the best way to personalize it for each individual customer. Not only can these methods improve overall efficiency, they can also help with targeting. Your message can be sent to the most likely prospective customers in a manner and at a time that makes them most receptive to your offers.

More Social Media Options than Ever

Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all taking steps to be better marketing platforms and some have even begun to employ in-app purchasing. Furthermore, relative newcomers, like Snapchat, offer additional ways for businesses to reach customers and have fun with their brands. You can create custom photo filters on Snapchat to promote a new product while offering ads with a “Buy now on Pinterest” button. The increased interlinking of social media sites will also allow users to carry their preferences over more easily between hubs. Any app or web site that links to Facebook, for instance, could also serve as a way to share video ads through the site’s Audience Network program.

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